Scott Foster

Scott Foster may have only played 14 minutes, but those 14 minutes were the longest of his life.

For 36-year-old Scott Foster, having to fill in for the Chicago Blackhawks as an emergency goalie was one of the last things he expected doing last Thursday night. The accountant from Oak Park, Illinois, practically said he could “poop his pants” with how nervous he was. But honestly, who would blame him? The man was making an NHL debut at 36 years old!

As nervous as he may have been, it sure didn’t show it once he got on the ice to play for about 14 minutes, which is more than Foster thought he would ever play in a professional hockey game. In total, he had seven blocked shots. With every shot he saved, the crowd of over 20,000 chanted his name vigorously.

While he has been at a few games serving as emergency goalie, he usually sits in the press box and enjoys the free food (perks of being an emergency goalie).

He wasn’t a man of many words, probably still baffled that he had the opportunity to play for the Hawks. “A few hours ago, I was siting at my computer typing on a 10-key.” Foster said in a post-game interview.

But as quickly as he came into the spotlight, the quicker he stepped out of it even quicker. Since last Thursday’s game, he has turned down numerous interviews as Foster declines to talk about his sudden fame. He expressed to the team that he would rather focus on his family and work rather than his brief NHL stint.

Foster played hockey for Western Michigan University but hasn’t played in a pregame since 2005. When he’s not busy being an accountant or filling in for the Hawks, he’s a goalie for an elite recreational team at Johnny’s Ice House, which is only a few blocks away from the UC.

Whether Foster has the opportunity to play again or if that was it, he’ll still never forget that one game in late March 2018 where he played 14 minutes for the Chicago Blackhawks, which is truly a remarkable experience.

ERIK BENSON is a blogger for The Vidette. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @erik_b001.

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