That time of year. That time of year that’s here for only a small amount of time, and ever so sweetly kisses you goodbye as it escapes out the window with the hustle and bustle of the leaves. You wish so greatly that this time could stay with you forever.

Finding that good book and settling down into that favorite spot that you’ve found on campus, enveloped in the sweet aroma of autumn. The leaves outside Watty chase each other in a game of tag as they make tornados on the cement. Opening the window to that crisp morning breeze that bids you good-day, and that smells of crushed leaves and new beginnings. You settle in for a cup of coffee in that orange mug from the dollar store (happiness on a budget), put on those fuzzy socks and cozy up under a blanket. This could be happiness.

But then, the subtle message kicks in that it’s halfway through the semester and there are countless essays that have accumulated on your desk, exams that creep around the corner just like this weather. And your sense of simplicity and tranquility slowly starts slipping away. You grab your pencil and realize that the motivation you’ve had all semester has slowly drained from your very being and you feel empty.

But you look outside, see the hustle and bustle of the leaves, fill up your cup of coffee, and settle in to crank out that essay, motivation flowing into you with every sip, because it’s that time of year. The time of year where drive meets desire.

OLIVIA HEIN is a blogger for The Vidette. She can be reached at


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Autumn is a wonderful time of the year! The beauty around is simply mesmerizing! And still fascinating is the number of essay works that are to be handed over. It's good that help always comes . Otherwise it would be difficult to notice the beauty of this time of the year.

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