Manning has the second highest start streak in the NFL, only behind Brett Favre.

It’s the end of an era for the New York Giants as coach Ben McAdoo announced that Geno Smith would be starting over four-time Pro Bowler Eli Manning against the Raiders on Sunday. This brings Manning’s consecutive start streak of 210 games to an end. Many people including other players in the league and fans have been reacting to the news, and it hasn’t been good. Chargers QB Phillip Rivers, who was drafted in 2004 with Eli called the Giants “pathetic” for the move, and former Giants QB Kurt Warner said, “a shame on the team and the league”.

The Giants, who are sitting in last place in the NFC East at 2-9 this season are hoping to have a turnaround as Week 13 approaches. Apparently, Coach Ben McAdoo gave Manning the choice on if he wanted to continue his 210-game start streak, but he turned down the offer. Manning, being the class act he is, told reporters that he was unhappy with the decision, but will support fellow QB, Geno Smith along the way. His emotions got the best of him during an interview as his eyes filled with tears, but who could blame him as it’s truly shocking news. Personally, the Giants should’ve made this decision earlier on in the season when they were still in the race to

make the playoffs. With how close the end of the season is, it leaves a poor impression the coaching staff and questions McAdoo’s strategies.

The other thing is apparently McAdoo isn’t the biggest supporter of Manning and has complained about his “lack of arm strength and mobility” To be fair, he hasn’t played the best football in recent years as he’s been poor at decision making, from overthrowing or underthrowing it. The key to winning games is being a smart decision maker in stressful situations, and not overthinking. We’ve seen him been rushed at numerous times this season. On the other hand, the Giants have faced numerous injuries on their offensive line. With Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard out, their backups need to get familiar with running the routes as well as being an open target.

Manning holds most of the leagues passing records. He has thrown 14 TD’s this season and 7 INT’s, which isn’t too terrible considering all 19 players they have on IR right now.

Regarding Geno Smith, he has picked up back in March, but has four years’ experience from playing with the Jets. His last start was October 2016 when he tore his ACL while playing the Ravens. He has 501 completions out of 866 passes (57.9%) for 5,962 yards and 28 TD’s for a passer rating of 72.4. His record while being a starter is 12-18.

Most likely, his performance on Sunday will determine who McAdoo decides to start for the remainder of the season. Rookie QB Davis Webb is supposed to play sometime during the game, but if not Sunday’s game then sometime within the next few weeks.

ERIK BENSON is a blogger for The Vidette. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @erik_b001.

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