'Blinded by the Light' movie poster.

Blinded by the Light is a movie about a Pakistani boy named Javed living in England who loves to write but is restricted by his very traditional father. He dreams of going to college outside of the small town of Luton, England.

As a new school year begins, Javed takes a literature course with a great teacher and makes some new friends.

One of his new friends introduces him to Bruce Springsteen’s music, which Javed connects with personally and immediately loves. Springsteen’s music inspires him to go after the things he wants and stand up to his father.

Javed starts to have the life he has always dreamt of as he figures out who he really wants to be.

Personal Review:

This story really inspired me. I hadn’t really heard much about the movie before I watched it and I think that added to my enjoyment of it.

I loved the characters. Javed is a great protaganist and his friends and girlfriend are very funny and are always there for him. Javed’s relationship with his family is at times very difficult, but he loves them a lot. His sister Shazia always has his back.

This movie was inspiring to me because Javed decided to go after his dreams of being a writer and work really hard to get better at it.

I am trying to improve my writing as well so that I can follow my dreams of writing or editing for a publishing company. I loved seeing Javed become brave enough to share his writing with others.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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