EDITOR’S NOTE: Donna Bennett is a senior at ISU from Mark, Illinois. Bennett is majoring in Communication studies. Her blog will concentrate on health related topics.

Hey, everyone! With the fall semester officially underway, along with the excitement of a new semester comes the usual back-to-school cold. Sound familiar? I know that I have already seen my peers out sick, even with the weather a humid 90 degrees during PSL season. While it might seem tempting to down a glass of OJ and call it a day, or outright ignore the darn thing altogether and hope for the best, there might come a time when you need to actually go to a doctor without having the time to travel home.

I created this blog to shed light on campus resources you may or may not know much about.

While talking with my peers, I’ve noticed that many of them do not fully understand what student insurance is and how it works. Many students believe that if they are on their parent’s insurance, they are not covered by student insurance. Not true! You can be covered by both.

As each student’s circumstance is different, please understand that I will always advise you to confirm everything with the appropriate departments.

How it works:

  • If you are a full-time student, you are already paying for insurance as part of those university fees that are bundled with your tuition costs

  • You will need to understand what a claim form is and how to fill one out

  • Unless you call the office and ask to cancel the insurance, you are covered

  • They also have options for part-time students and alumni

Check out these websites for more info

•Student Insurance Office FAQ: https://healthservices.illinoisstate.edu/insurance/faq.shtml

•Student Health Services: https://healthservices.illinoisstate.edu/appointments/

DONNA BENNETT is a blogger for Videtteonline.com. Contact her at dabenn1@ilstu.edu.

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Really informative article. Thanks for sharing!

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