It’s August, You are driving a car full of your personal belongs and you are about to move into your very first dorm room. I know, I know, you are pumped and full of excitement, but take a seat because you are about to face a couple of struggles as you figure out this school year away from home. Don’t start crying on me now because I have some tips that can help YOU through your very first year.

The first struggle you may encounter is, in fact, your dorm room. You may or may not know your roommate exactly and for all you know the bathroom schedule might be a disaster.

Here’s some things that may be able to help.

1) Loft your bed. Lofting your bed gives you the space you need. A fridge, laundry basket, printer, garbage can, and all that random stuff you think you need but don’t really need. Now, if you’re afraid of heights you can mini loft and still fit a whole bunch of knick-knacks under your bed.

2) Buy yourself snacks. You may be full at dinner but having some snacks can definitely help out when your up late studying or with friends.

3) Extension cord. Trust me you just need this. Don’t ask why. You will thank me later.

4) Febreze. Again… just get it.

5) And Lastly, make some rules with your roommate. If you like sharing then great. You should set boundaries. Talk about issues that make you uncomfortable and go from there.

Friend drama is the worst. Talking through problems can either help or make things even worse. So, try and stay away from drama as much as you can:

1) Give your friends space. I know being alone can be upsetting at times but if you give your friends some space then they will start to miss you. Reverse Psychology.

2) You may not be friends with everyone. It is always sad when that one person just doesn’t get along with you, but you just have to realize that it may just be your personalities colliding.

3) Don’t date anyone from your floor. Hottie from three doors down won't be a hottie for much longer if you two don’t work out. Trust me when I say it gets a little

4) Try to make friends outside of your dorm floor. Making friends is always hard but you can get through it. Try joining some clubs and meet people with your same interest. Chess club, tennis club, theater club… cheese club. I don't know if there is such a thing but sign me up.

A great tool of survival is making the most of your school life.

1) Try doing all of your homework before you go out. If you finish your homework before going to hangout with your new friends it will save you a lot of time stressing about the work that isn’t finished yet.

2) Talking to your professors. Make sure you understand the assignment that your professor wants. Being a teacher's pet is the best thing you can do for yourself. Teachers like when students are eager to learn and they are willing to help you as much as they can.

3) Check 500 times before buying your textbook. A teacher may straight up say, “Textbook? No way!” Which is great… but some teachers say, “Yes, I use the textbook,” then you buy the textbook and NEVER use it. BEWARE!

4) Making friends in your class can be helpful as well. “Hey Sally, wanna study for that big test we have tomorrow?” BOOM! It isn't awkward for Sally since she already made friends with Joe-Shmoe in her class that is asking for her help.

Missing the Family. Take a deep breathe. Now relax. You will miss your family. 100 percent.

But you can miss them less if you:

1) Video Skype them once in awhile. Tell them what you had for lunch that day because we all know they want to know.

2) Try to go home once a month. Going home every weekend can be bad because you miss out on the fun that is college. Now parties are totally blah but having a movie night with friends is a blast.

3) Have your family visit you. Having the family see where you live and what you do on the weekdays can help you miss them a little less. Plus, since they are here already they can take you shopping for snacks and notebooks.

Lastly, social life. I would like to stress that college isn't about getting drunk on the weekends and going to parties. College is about so much more. Freedom, starting your new life and being a grown up. So, here is some tips to spice up that social life.

1) Get a job. I know… YUCK! But your new job can open up some pretty cool friendships, plus we all need money for Chipotle.

2) Join a club. Joining a club is always a good time because not only do you make friends but it gives you a break from studying.

3) You don’t have to date someone to be happy. I know a lot of your friends post on his or her Instagram and Snapchat and how happy they are with their significant other, that doesn't mean YOU can’t have fun just being you. Stressing about finding someone can just cause you to miss out on so much more than just a crummy guy you met on Tinder.

Most importantly, just be yourself. There is nobody at your university that is just like you, so you can rock on and do you. College is full of doors just waiting for you to open them. All you have to do is just breathe and don’t be afraid of new changes and great opportunities.

P.S.: Save money and eat a PB and J sandwich once in awhile.

Kacey Nichols is a blogger for The Vidette. Any questions or comments concerning her blog can be sent to

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Cool to see the chess club referenced in relation to ISU. I created the club and anyone that is interested at any skill level is welcome as we are the most casual club on campus. Email me at for more information.


Cool to see the chess club referenced in relation to ISU. I created the club and anyone that is interested at any skill level is welcome as we are the most casual club on campus. Email me at for more information.

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