Fashion month has officially come to an end and I suddenly feel deprived of all things good (aka Kaia Gerber crushing every single runway show).

The world came together over its love for fashion and my camera roll reached capacity with so many chic street style pics. Fall outfit inspiration was booming, and I couldn’t help but notice one thing: the color orange.

As obvious as it may be, orange is the color of the season. Orange is in the transitioned leaves, and pumpkin patches making it a staple in my fall wardrobe.

This comes with a downside. Everyone loves a good pumpkin, but you definitely don’t want your outfit to be compared to one. There are so many great ways to incorporate orange into your closet so let’s start off with one of my favorites: orange coats.

It is essential to be bundled up in the fall because of the chilly breeze floating through the air. Why not make that coat a statement piece? Wearing neutrals like browns and tans really completes the fall vibe. Just think of any color that reminds you of fall and you are on the right track. Another fool proof way to wear an orange coat is pairing it with your favorite denim.

One of the simpler ways to include orange into an outfit is with a sweater (preferably a cozy one). Styling is similar to what you would do with a jacket. The bright color pairs well with a dark trouser or pant, especially one with a dark check print.

Branching out into bottoms, I am absolutely obsessed with orange trousers. For all the people out there who don’t like skirts or dresses, this is perfect for you. It is so effortless to throw on colored trousers with a basic sweater and look put together. This trend has been super popular in European street style in Milan and England.

Lastly, accessories! When you are running out the door, you can throw on some great orange pieces to pull together a perfect fall outfit. I’ve been seeing loads of stores selling the cutest earrings that you would have no difficulty finding the perfect pair. Socks are also a subtle way of being festive. Just pop on some orange socks and roll your jeans up to let them peek out!

DANA DURANTE is a blogger for the Vidette. You can contact her at and follow her on twitter @dana_durante.

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