college meme

1. Despite enjoying the nice weather, I have managed to develop several blisters on my feet from walking around campus.

2. I am completely dumbfounded each time I receive an email from my professors indicating an assignment has been added to ReggieNet. My inbox contains 100+ messages I am afraid to open as they may or may not reveal how utterly broke I actually am.

3. I forgot to change my weather app back to Normal and dressed for a chilly morning in Buenos Aires.

4. “I’m dropping out,” “I’m moving out” and/or “I want to die” have slipped from my mouth on several occasions.

5. I am having trouble sleeping through the night and getting up for my scheduled classes.

6. I have already resorted to Spark Notes (despite my major being English) simply because the thought of reading makes me even more sleepy than I already am.

7. I have nearly burnt my apartment to the ground twice.

8. I have gone to the library more times this week to print than my roommate Jessica did all of last year combined.

9. I forgot an umbrella.

10. I find myself at Target on the daily because I don’t understand how much food I can eat.

11. I have realized I can barely make microwavable popcorn let alone all the Pinterest meals I pinned over the summer for my roomies and I to cook together.

12. I have yawned at one or more parties since my arrival.

13. My door is full of Post-it note reminders I have yet to complete.

14. Since moving into an apartment without one, I have realized what a luxury a garbage disposal is.

15. Out of fear of failure and humiliation, I managed to drop a Gen-Ed I 100 percent need to graduate on day one because the teacher “seemed scary.”

16. My beer pong skills have suffered tremendously after a long summer of working and going to bed before midnight.

17. I had so little patience today to wait in line for food at Watterson that I faked a phone call, avoided eye contact and cut 10 people in line all for a mediocre burrito.

18. An “intervention” meeting has been added to my daily schedule as my roommates attempt to keep my emotional breakdowns to a minimum.

19. Rather than checking the bus route and avoiding further embarrassment, I got off at the wrong stop only to start walking in the same direction the bus was headed.

20. Despite living in Tri-Towers all of last year, I forgot where the tunnel was and attempted to cross Main Street.

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