It has been shown through a variety of shaving gel commercials and ads for hair removal (for women, of course) in magazines that women should be dolphins. I mean, why else are women portrayed in advertisements and T.V. as having zero leg or armpit hair, let alone facial hair *gasp*. It’s like women aren’t also human beings, who also grow hair. Understandably, many women feel as if hair isn’t their cup of tea so they opt to chop it off a variety of ways. I’ve never felt ashamed of mine, however I stumbled upon a Jaclyn Hill YouTube video, in which she explains that she shaves her face. 

Mind you, taking a razor to my face has never ever crossed my mind (I don’t know why) and I’m so upset that it has taken me this long to uncover its magical powers. Hill’s claim for shaving her face boils down to her profession. She is a makeup artist, so naturally makeup is a big part of her life. Not only does face makeup sit a little bit better on a shaven face, it’s also a form of exfoliation. For the sake of makeup, I decided to test it out.  

I researched that it’s better to buy razors made specifically for the face so it gives a lighter shave, which prevents irritation like a normal razor you would use for the body. Furthermore, it helps if you have facial oil, although it isn’t necessary. The facial oil does the same thing the specific facial razor does: prevent irritation.  

The razors I bought were extremely cheap (like $5.99 for SIX cheap), so the sacrifice I was nervous about making was more justifiable. With that, the directions are very simple. To avoid irritation, shave in the way your hair is growing and bam! You’re done! You’ll find that touching your face after is insane. I have gone 18 years feeling my face one way and then once you shave it, WOW it’s magical.  

My face was glowing. It could’ve been the oil I used, however every time I look at my skin in the days after, it’s like I still have that post shave glow. Once you remove the layer of gunk and hair accumulated throughout the week, your skin radiates that glow from within. It’s amazing.   

As for how my makeup set on top of it, I wouldn’t say that for the average tinted moisturizer wearer it would be a grand difference, but for me it was significant. I tend to cake my face, so the cakeage looked more like cupcakeage (which, for me, is preferable).  

Shaving your face is like plucking your eyebrows. Not necessary for everyone, but if you love using your face as a canvas, it’s definitely worth it and so much easier than shaving your legs.

MADELYN DOWD is a blogger for The Vidette. She can be reached at

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