And I mean that in the most kind and sincere way. Do not take me begging you as an insult, how could I ever insult a writer of your talent? I do however have a problem. All of your books do not need to become movies. I know that nowadays a majority of movies are based off of books, but all of yours do not need to be that way.

The Fault in Our Stars was marvelous, a great read. Can you imagine how disappointing it was to know that this would become a movie? I think it’s hard for people to have a vision of how they want movies to be and have the movie miss the standards, and I know that we all cannot have our way, but sometimes a book is enough. Now that you’re following the same path. Paper Towns, one of my favorite books is becoming a movie with Nat Wolff (Isaac from The Fault in Our Stars) playing the lead, Q, and supermodel Cara Delevingne playing Margo Roth Spiegelman.

Whenever big casting news like this comes out for any book to film adaptation, there are always countless opinions on whether or not the actors will be good or even look the part. There are people that hate the casting no matter what, and that’s because of our attachment to the characters that we imagined while reading the book. Trying to imagine Cara Delevinge play the version of Margo Roth Spiegelman that I had imagined is going to be hard.

Another problem that book fanatics like me have is that the movie never meets up with the high standard of the book. The movie can never compare because of the way we interpret the book. There are certain details, they’re often times small details that you remember from the novel like the color of the main character’s shirt that was important to you and the plot of the book or the description of her boyfriend’s scent of cologne that was her absolute favorite and these pieces can never be portrayed in the movie. That’s why I hate seeing that John Green’s books are becoming movies because some people won’t understand the connection that I, or many others, have to the book. So maybe it’s best that we separate books from movies because books will always have a different meaning or sentiment to its readers that cannot be portrayed in film.

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