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Josh McDaniel’s has involved with the Patriots since 2001, after joining as a personal assistant. He has been with the team for all five Super Bowl wins. 

The Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniel’s has shocked everyone with his decision to remain in New England, after turning down a contract with the Indianapolis Colts, which everyone thought he was going to take. The news came so surprising to his agent Bob LaMonte, that he terminated his relationship with Daniels. I believe that this was wrong on the offensive coordinators part as he’s been saying since the beginning of the post season that he was “most likely” going to take over as head coach after Chuck Pagano was fired after an embarrassing 4-12 in 2017.

This all came a few hours after McDaniel’s agreed to terms with the Colts, with the team even setting up a press conference for Wednesday afternoon. But after carefully thinking about it on Tuesday, he ended up leaving Indianapolis back where they started. When the Colts were asked for their reaction to this, it was said they were “surprised and disappointed.” They were really looking for a coach who had experience as an offensive coordinator, and help Andrew Luck,

(who was out for the 2017 season with an ACL injury) slowly get back into becoming a dynamic QB.

While there haven’t been too many details released, what we know is that Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft sat down with McDaniel’s shortly after their loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII to talk about their future plans for the organization. Apparently, he was emphasizing how he will take his mentorship to the next level, ensuring him that he will spend more time with McDaniel’s and discuss the inner workings of the Patriots. All this was seen as extremely valuable to the OC, who we all know would like to take over the head coaching position after Belichick retires. Although, there was no promises made to him.

Another possible thing that might have caught McDaniel’s attention was a long term contractual agreement, which would allow him and his family to remain in the New England area. This was one of the key things that McDaniel’s finds important, as this type of stability is not common in pro sports.

For the Colts, this does not mean they are done seeking action from McDaniel’s. They may attempt to sue him even though he wasn’t legally employed. However, there would be multiple hurdles in the Colts way, so it seems unlikely. There best bet is to get in the hiring process again to find a new coach. While management recently hired new OC and DC, they will have to worry about their job as if the new head coach wants to bring in some of his own coaches, problems will start to arise.

Overall, it is crunch time for Indianapolis as they hope to retain a coach with a similar coaching style as McDaniel’s.

ERIK BENSON is a blogger for The Vidette. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @erik_b001.

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