Today’s political climate is too heavily focused on ideology. The constant focus is on whether or not you consider yourself to be liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc. as opposed to basic commonalities for all to agree on.

One reason this has occurred is due to a failure to acknowledge facts as well, facts.

Facts shouldn’t be a partisan issue. They should be the center, a place where everyone can agree. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Today, facts are under attack.

Kelly Anne Conway, counselor to President Trump, famously uttered the phrase “alternative facts” on Meet The Press following the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Let’s be clear, alternative facts do not exist. They are, as one commentator said, falsehoods.

Whenever someone ignores truth and creates an alternative reality to base his or her position upon it is dangerous, irresponsible, and even immoral.

So, let me offer you this: A return to the middle.

The middle can be a place where reasonable conservatives and liberals alike can coexist. Where debate over specific policy that can benefit the American people occurs. Where we see one another as fellow Americans rather than enemies trying to destroy the so-called opposition party.

The fact of the matter is (no pun intended) we need one another. If we are unable to agree on the most basic facts, we will continue to simply talk past our fellow citizens, which we too often do.

Extremes are dangerous. They alienate the center, where most people actually sit, driving people further left or further right. The farther we are away from one another, the less likely we are to agree on just about anything. The less likely we agree, the more likely the American people will suffer.

I’m hopeful that the ruthless partisan politics we see today will fail. Leaving us the opportunity to live in the middle.

The middle would be a place where true governing takes place and where the American people are put before the concerns of partisan politics. Reelection would take a backseat to impactful public service.

But before any of this occurs we must return to a reality where facts are facts. Where people are people. And where America stands as one.

SEAN SIBLEY is a blogger for Contact him at Follow him on Twitter at @Sean_Sibs

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