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Connect Transit recently finalized a tentative deal with Illinois State University, covering the next six months of transport to ISU students. The agreement lasts from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2020. 

Being a college student, I have definitely exhausted the use of public transportation as much as possible.

Public transportation is something that greatly benefits so many different aspects of the community. Some rely on it to get to work, while others need public transportation to go get groceries for the week.

The need for public transportation is in every community and should be valued in all areas it can be. Public transportation is a lower cost way to travel and get exactly where you need to go. In densely populated cities this can be an extreme help to the environment.

When you think of what emits the most natural gases into our atmosphere, cars tend to be one of the first things people think of.

Every time someone drives a car, exhaust gets let out into the environment. This exhaust negatively impacts the earth and can really only be avoided if you have an electric car, like a fancy Tesla.

These newer, electric cars run on the market at a much higher price than regular gas cars. This makes helping the environment kind of a pain, considering the increased price in something already expensive.

So how can you get places effectively without spending an arm and a leg?

This is where public transportation comes into play. In many areas with a relatively large population, public transit exists.

These trains or buses that exist in the city, allow for fewer people to be on the road driving, providing less natural gas emissions from so many cars. They also allow for the transportation of more people at a time, taking care of a larger population that could be driving cars with exhaust heaving into the air.

Some of the train or bus systems in the cities even run on electric, avoiding causing emissions. Not to mention the use of bikes that many cities have available to rent by the hour or the day.

In Normal, we have Connect Transit that positively affects many people's lives in the Illinois State University campus and in Normal. Connect Transit is free to students still, $1 for most others accept children up to 5 years old or senior citizens aged 65 or higher. There are a variety of passes available to make travel even more convenient.

Next time you think of adding gas into your car, think about if you could save yourself some money, while also saving the Earth a little bit more by using public transportation.

AUGUST MUNOZ is a Blogger for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follow her on Twitter at @munoz_august

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