Stainless vs. Plastic wars

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I received my first metal straw from Illinois State University in the lobby area of Wilkins over in Tri-Towers.

I was psyched to say the least.

It had a blue tip, which was my favorite color and even came with the cleaner. It made me feel 10 times more eco-friendly by just owning it. But why? Why is making the switch to a metal straw even worth it?

In many restaurants now, servers are required to ask if you want a straw or not. Some places have even “advanced” their straws to go from plastic to the awful paper straw.

Maybe it’s a step in the right direction, but I haven’t met a single person who enjoys the new paper straw. Metal straws on the other hand are something so many people always carry. Some are compactable and can fold into itself and others even connect to your keys.

“Save the turtles” everyone says, but is it helping anything at all? I did some research to find out exactly what metal straws do for the earth and why they are important in the first place.

Most of the plastic that is put into the recycling system does not get recycled. The plastic then must need a place to go and sadly, this means landfills or large bodies of water are then filled with this trash.

Garbage always finds its way into oceans and negatively harms the animals that call it home. The switch to metal straws would allow for this to completely be avoided.

The more plastic straws that people don’t use, the more animals avoid being hurt by these plastics. It may seem that one straw can’t hurt, but it only takes one straw to affect these animals and it could very well be the one you are using.

Besides this, according to Turtle Savers, plastic straws contain BPA which is a harmful chemical found in plastics that can get in and contaminate the drinks we are consuming.

So not only would the switch help various species of animals, but it may also help keep you safe. Countless groups back up the use of metal straws. It is a very subtle change, that can make a big difference.

The effect may seem small, but one simple change can help a lot. Opening your eyes to go greener and cutting down on your single use plastic help immensely.

If you’re thinking of buying any metal straws, they can be found online on various websites. Amazon has them for as low as $4.

AUGUST MUNOZ is a Blogger for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follow her on Twitter at @munoz_august

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