Editor’s Note: Madelyn Dowd is a freshman journalism major. She is from Elgin. Her blog will revolve around makeup. Follow her on Instagram @mdowd3033

It all started when I wrote my name. I promise, it’s not as vague as that. I wrote my name in the carpet with red lipstick I stole from my sister. No one really wants the truth, but it’s a fairly imperative piece to the large 1,000-piece puzzle that is my life. I hate puzzles. I hate the annoyance of picking up a single piece and finding its match, but the simplicity of finding one and having it branch into others to morph into a picture can be seen to some as a source of entertainment.

My source of entertainment doesn’t require little pieces of colored cardboard, but rather brushes and various liquids, paints, lacquers, and various lotions and potions to create a final piece. Metaphors aside, (although I am a sucker for them) I’ve never found pleasure from spending my time painting a picture, but rather painting my face. Not only am I a sucker for metaphors, but a sucker for makeup.

This first post isn’t necessary the most exciting, but the first chapter into a picture book about my obsession with makeup, the makeup community, product reviews, inspiration, and more. I promise to challenge your makeup norms and paint a clear picture of how incredible the power a little mascara and highlighter truly is.

MADELYN DOWD is a blogger for The Vidette. She can be reached at mcdowd1@ilstu.edu

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