I’ve been looking on the internet recently for apartments in Boston, Mass., as it is my hope to get a job there after graduation. After perusing many realtor websites and Craig’s List, I came across an ad that was, let’s just put it this way, more unique than the rest. The ad was looking for “other naked roommates.” The person that posted the listing has an apartment that is a “great place to chill bare ass” and have “nude BBQs” or watch sports “in the buff.” Hope that isn’t too graphic for any of you—I couldn’t help getting a laugh by reading the ad. Who says this type of stuff? Needless to say, I couldn’t tell if this Craig’s List ad was real or fake. You’d think an ad like this would be a joke. But honestly, I don’t think it is. With all these “naked” reality TV programs that are on these days, like Naked and Afraid or Dating Naked, this must be the reality. I thought the nudist culture was only prominent in Europe or in towns with nude beaches. It seems being a nudist is more of a lifestyle than a trend.

This made me wonder—what is the point of these naked TV programs? I know that reality TV writers are desperate for any material, but honestly dating naked or being naked in the woods doesn’t make for anything other than a laugh among friends. I can’t tell you how many times either one of those shows has come up in conversation. Someone always starts with, “Have you heard of that naked show?” And then another person will respond with something like, “You mean Dating Naked? I’ve watched it. Didn’t know what it was at first! It’s completely dumb.” None of us could understand why anyone would want to be on a naked show, much less who would want to watch one. But as I’ve discovered, nudism is a lifestyle. With that in mind, I won’t be surprised if I see any other nudist themed trends in the future. I won’t be watching any naked reality TV or responding to that nudist Craig’s List ad. And I’ll be keeping my clothes on!

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