Harry Styles attends the US premiere of "Dunkirk" held at the AMC Lincoln Square IMAX in New York City on July 18, 2017. 

Fashion influences are all around us. Some more obvious than others. It is so easy to look to celebrities and those in the limelight for the best fashion inspiration.

Celebrities like Zendaya, Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashian family are always great for wardrobe help, but there is one person out there that falls into this category and may shock you: Harry Styles.

Yes, the young British fellow from One Direction. His style evolution is truly iconic and has definitely blossomed since becoming friends with other A-list fashion celebs. Obviously if you are bffs with people like Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, how can you NOT have great style?

He started to share his love for fashion in 2013 after going to various shows during London Fashion Week. Once he came out as a solo artist, he created a new image for himself and hasn’t let down the fashion world yet.

The thing that is unique about Harry’s style is that he isn’t afraid of clothing labeled “feminine.” Obviously, he didn’t get to this stage of being fashionably gender neutral overnight. Slowly he made his way into women’s fashion by wearing Paige Denim women’s jeans and Saint Laurent’s stylish blouses.

harry styles blue suit

One of his most memorable outfits that broke gender norms was on a shoot for his tour promo. He wore a light blue women’s cut velvet suit from the Hillier Bartley Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Since this look was so groundbreaking, it was all the buzz on Vogue and GQ. If they weren’t already keeping tabs on his outfits, they for sure were then.

green suit

Another unforgettable outfit was worn on his last day of his week-long residency on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” While performing his upcoming single “Kiwi,” he wore a pinstriped Charles Jeffrey jumpsuit. There is a small percentage of people who can pull off a green jumpsuit, and Harry is definitely one of those people.

An important stamp on Harry’s fashion timeline is the work Alessandro Michele, the creative director for Gucci, has done. Harry’s jaw dropping unexpected red carpet suits have almost always been straight off the Gucci runway. Each night of his tour, Harry has worn a custom Gucci suit. Each one is more different than the last, showing his comfort in stepping out of the black suit box. He’s not afraid of any pattern or color since he has worn anything from silk to glitter and pink to blue. Spectators of his performances have been in awe with the originality and fearlessness Styles has put into his clothing choices.

Of course, Harry doesn’t only do high fashion. His street style is one everyone can take inspiration from. No designer clothes needed. Stop into your favorite vintage shop and snag a silk blouse or graphic tee and simply pair it with jeans. Harry has been spotted wearing old Britney Spears merchandise so seriously nothing is off limits.

He hasn’t forgotten about accessories either. As expected, Harry branches out from the norm and wears unique shoes like his silver and blue starred cowboy boots. These boots are so distinctively Harry, fans aren’t close to being shocked when seeing him wear them out and about.

Lastly, one of the trendiest pieces he has is a baker boy hat. This accessory has been seen on fashion influencers all across the world. He and his stylist forecasted the trend and it is clear these hats won’t be going away any time soon.

Definitely keep an eye on this guy, you won’t want to miss what is to come! For more on what Harry is recently wearing, visit @harryworewhat on Instagram and Twitter.

DANA DURANTE is a blogger for the Vidette. You can contact her at dcduran@ilstu.edu and follow her on twitter @dana_durante.

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