jon snow

The following image of me was captured on my journey last year from Tri Towers to Stevenson Hall during a snow storm.

Not pictured: my lab partner, Shelly. RIP.

Aside from our declining environment due to the inevitable effects of climate change, I think we can all confirm that it is, in fact, summer. And you know what that entails: bonfires, beaches and spontaneous adventures with friends before the air turns brisk and all, including the leaves, begins to fall into place for the upcoming school year.

Unfortunately, as fellow Illinois residents understand, fall, despite its wonderful company, never likes to overstay its visit. Although I am only on the third season of Game of Thrones (I know, I am late to the game, LITERALLY) even I understand that winter is coming. So, before the sun begins to shy away at the first sign of colder weather, please enjoy a series of fun summer activities we can all engage in together!

1. Go to the mall

2. Bike ride

3. Cook out with your family

4. Walk your dog (if you do not have a dog, or even worse you own a cat, MY CONDOLENCES)

5. Climb a tree

6. Bowling

7. Beach

8. Day in the city

9. Learn something new

10. Go on a long drive without a particular destination (just fill up your gas tank first, made that mistake before)

11. As one of my best friends likes to say, “Treat yourself!” Whether it’s a day at the spa, or having the guys over for some football and beers, you deserve it.

12. Amusement park

13. Museum

14. Dinner on the patio of your favorite restaurant

15. Water balloon fight

16. Soccer

17. Swing at the park

18. Lemonade stand (or whatever beverage your neighborhood kids will enjoy; I am not judging)

19. Talk on the phone with an old friend

20. Eat too much ice cream and then complain about being lactose intolerant

21. Visit your local farmers market

22. Read a book

23. Ride with the windows down and your music too loud

24. Go to a concert

25. Day at the zoo

26. Starved Rock or any local hike

27. Paint

28. Binge watch a new show

29. Do something you are scared of (Be safe my friends, but not too safe)

30. No matter what you do, do it with someone you love!

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