The boyband Big Time Rush recently held a virtual reunion on Twitter. In honor of this, here are some top 10 nostalgic BTR songs.

I have personally been a Big Time Rush fan for a long time, and even saw the group live in concert in my teeny hometown of Peru, Illinois. Yes, I will even admit it — I shoved my way to the front row just for a closer look and the chance of high-fiving each of them (I managed to get three of the four!).

However, the boy band that was once the face of Nickelodeon has been awfully quiet since releasing its last album in 2013 — that is until very recently, when the group held a virtual reunion to share a message with fans. The video has gone viral on Twitter and has been the topic of conversation this past week of quarantine.

In honor of this historic event, I have spent the last week listening to Big Time Rush for hours on end and polling fellow Illinois State University students to compile a list of BTR’s best hits. Get ready to take a trip back to the golden years of middle school with the ultimate list of this boy band’s hits. And while we are at it, can we start a petition to get the television series streaming on Netflix?

10. ‘We Are

"We Are" is an uplifting tune featured on the band’s third album “24/Seven.” Despite being a relatively happy and inspiring song, it was a tear-jerker within the television series, as it was played during the series finale. This is a song that was meant to reach the hearts of many and inspire fans to do whatever it is they are striving to do. A simple, repetitive beat, the song makes the list for its catchiness and positive message to listeners.

9. ‘City is Ours

This fast-paced hit is featured on the band’s self-titled debut album, and at least once in the television series. The lyrics tell the tale of Big Time Rush — how four hockey-loving teenagers from Minnesota ended up taking over Hollywood (hence, the city is theirs). The song features a simple chorus, with verses that highlight each of the band members' pipes. I think that this song is a fun, pop hit that brings a lot of energy, while demonstrating the talent each member possesses.

8. ‘If I Ruled the World

This is a BTR song that will never get old, as it is the perfect song to headline your summer beach party. The boys take fans into their imaginations, because really, who wouldn’t want to rule the world? Some acoustic guitar kicks off the song with a fun, playful beat that continues through the rest of the song. "If I Ruled the World" will have you screaming “AY-OH” all through the summer season as you dance around (to Big Time Rush music, of course!).

7. ‘24/Seven

The headliner of the band’s third album, “24/Seven” is impossible to listen to and be in a bad mood. The song features upbeat lyrics, with a beat to match it that makes you want to kick off your shoes and dance along. The boys also again show off their pipes with some killer harmonies. This is a song that just makes you feel good, warranting it a position on this all-time list.

6. ‘Till I Forget About You

The break-up song of 2010 middle schoolers, "Till I Forget About You" is arguably one of the band’s catchiest tunes (even though, obviously, they are all pretty catchy). I could listen to this song for hours and never get bored of it. The song starts off slower and quieter, only featuring one of the band member’s voices. Then, the song explodes at the chorus with all four voices harmonizing to the synth-beat. Not to mention, the song pairs with a playfully fun music video!

5. ‘Big Time Rush

How could this song be left off of this list? "Big Time Rush" is BTR’s song: the theme song to be exact! This song is infectious and will have you humming it in your head all day long. The song sets the tone of both the band’s television series, and its debut album. A true classic in terms of BTR hits, yet not quite as popular as some other releases.

4. ‘Worldwide

"Worldwide" highlights the boys’ sweeter and softer sides. A touching and heartfelt tune, it strays away from the band’s usual dance-pop style. Thus, it stands out on their album and makes fans take instant notice. The softer rhythm allows for their voices to take center stage, which makes it an instant favorite. This is one of the band’s first songs featuring piano as a key instrument that pairs well with the smooth synth rhythm. This is another song I always wished they were singing directly to me with the sweet, romantic message.

3. ‘Any Kind of Guy

A Rusher favorite, "Any Kind of Guy" should be on everyone’s list of top BTR hits. The track is a taste of the classic boy band flare that fans would anticipate from a group of young, teenage guys. Also, this song grants each of the four members a distinct solo, allowing fans to hear their favorite member’s pipes. Personally, I am obsessed with Logan Henderson’s falsettos featured in this teen-romance tune!

2. ‘Windows Down

The song of summer 2012, "Windows Down" was undeniably a bop. The BTR single has a different sound than their usual pop hits, which makes it all the more enjoyable. The boy band took a more mature musical approach when producing this song to show parents that this Nickelodeon band was growing up and breaking barriers. I always envisioned myself driving down scenic highways with the windows down (of course!) when listening to this song. Twelve-year-old me could not wait to have a driver’s license to blare this jam through the speakers of my car. The song features a short dubstep track, making it an electro-rock/dance-pop hit that is perfect for the summertime. This song NEEDS to be brought back for summer 2020.

1. ‘Boyfriend

“Boyfriend” is the unanimous BTR fan-favorite and is one of the first songs that comes to mind when thinking of the group. The simple synth-pop/hip-hop rhythm of the song had every tween girl’s heart and made them wish the boys were serenading them with this catchy tune. The song is featured on the band’s debut self-titled album and arguably headlines the group's entire discography. The hit is the band’s most listened-to song on Spotify, with over 37 million streams. A single version of the song was also released featuring Snoop Dogg in the intro, but nothing beats the original, BTR-only version of the song.

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