With hair salons being closed it might be tempted to cut your own hair like Kyle Gant. However, some advise to wait until quarantine is over to get a nice chop.

Hair salons around the country have closed up shop in an effort to keep the public safe and healthy during the pandemic — as a result opening the door for unwelcome gray hairs and split ends that are being desperately treated by a DIY frenzy.

Many hair-color devotees have retreated to boxed color, spontaneous haircuts and TikTok trends to keep up with their high-maintenance hair routines, ultimately capitalizing on the rebellious attitudes of bored and desperate “quarantine-ees” that have nowhere to go and therefore nothing to lose.

Many other hair care junkies alongside have taken matters into their own hands to keep their hair stylish and up to the status quo. However, hair stylists have urged their clients not to pursue such remedies such as box color and spontaneous haircuts.

“We are all in the same boat and want our hair done, so don't be embarrassed about outgrowth,” Jenni’s Salon hair stylist, Chelsey Lamberti said. “But do not try to cut your hair like those cute bloggers in Cali do and expect the perfect cut … it is not real … just wait until you can come back to my chair.”

In light of this pandemic Lamberti goes further to suggest that now is the time to “give your hair some extra love” with heatless curls, hair masks or achieving the perfect messy bun.

“Now is the time to give your hair a break … even just doing conditioning treatments while you clean or watch Netflix, or letting it air dry … plus hats are your new best friend now.”

In the midst of a pandemic and unquiet isolation, perhaps it is a nice shift to focus on proper hair care rather than the weeks of isolation, as a trick for making the horizon beyond this pandemic more attainable.

Many of our favorite stars such as Jim Carrey and John Mayer have been taking to social media to show off their quarantine style as they grow out their facial hair, alongside Pink who recently shaved her head. These physical changes have echoed across social media, but perhaps there is more to this #quarentinehair trend than meets the eye?

According to Allure Magazine and its discussion on the channeled DIY cuts and colors, there is perhaps a deeper meaning to all of this.

“An external change can be a simple and easy way to signify a transition that is internally more complex and harder to articulate otherwise,” therapist Nikki Nachum explained in an email to Allure. “A new haircut becomes almost like an announcement to both yourself and the outer world that something is changing in your life.”

It is within our nature as humans to crave physical changes that are parallel to our personal growth and inner changes. Thus, possibly suggesting that “quarantine hair” is a hungry, energetic and desperate experiment to fill in the hole for loss of our everyday “normals” with something new and exciting to keep us entertained.

It is essentially the pursuit to strengthen our identity during a time when we are forced to put our identities under the microscope for strict reflection. Because of course, most of us have plenty of time to. Nachum in her discussion with Allure goes further to suggest that maybe this search for identity should be embraced.

“If you’re feeling called to cut, color or otherwise change your hair, consider that the call might actually be from somewhere deeper for something deeper,” Allure stated. “A sign of unprocessed emotions that can’t be swept away like dead ends on the bathroom floor.”

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