The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Colin Farrell in 'The Killing of Sacred Deer' movie.

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(Critics' Choices capsule reviews are by Kenneth Turan (K.Tu.), Justin Chang (J.C.) and other reviewers. Openings compiled by Kevin Crust.)


"The Bachelors" _ A widower and his teenage son move cross country for a job at a private school, where two women help them deal with their grief. With J.K. Simmons, Josh Wiggins, Julie Delpy, Kevin Dunn, Odeya Rush. Written and directed by Kurt Voelker. NR.

"Blood Money" _ A rafting trip goes wrong for three friends when they find a stash of money belonging to a ruthless white-collar criminal. With John Cusack, Ellar Coltrane, Willa Fitzgerald, Jacob Artist. Written by Jared Butler and Lars Norberg. Directed by Lucky McKee. (1:29) NR.

"Carving a Life" _ A woodworking artist falls in love and marries, but his life spirals downward when he begins drinking heavily. With Tyler Bruhn, Karenssa LeGear, Aaron Bornstein. Written by Lisa Bruhn. Directed by Terry Ross. (1:23) NR.

"The Departure" _ Japanese punk-turned-Zen priest Ittetsu Nemoto helps suicidal people in this documentary. Directed by Lana Wilson. In Japanese with English subtitles. (1:27) NR.

"For Ahkeem" _ Documentary on a 17-year-old North St. Louis girl who fights to improve her life in an alternative high school in the face of racial and economic injustice. Directed by Jeremy S. Levine, Landon Van Soest. (1:30) NR.

"The Fortress" _ Lee Byung-hun stars in this 17th century historical drama about the Qing Dynasty's invasion of Korea. With Kim Yoon-seok, Park Hae-il and Go Soo. Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. In Korean with English subtitles. (2:20) NR.

"Geostorm" _ The web of satellites designed to protect the Earth from extreme climate change begins attacking it. With Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Eugenio Derbez, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia. Written by Dean Devlin & Paul Guyot. Directed by Devlin. (1:49) PG-13.

"Heal" _ Documentary on how the mind and spirit affect the health of the human body. Featuring Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson. Written and directed by Kelly Noonan Gores. (1:45) NR.

"Human Flow" _ Artist and activist Ai Weiwei directed this documentary on the worldwide refugee crisis. (2:20) PG-13.

"Jane" _ Documentary profiles acclaimed primatologist Jane Goodall and her groundbreaking work with chimpanzees. Directed by Brett Morgan. (1:30) NR.

"Jungle" _ An adventure in the Amazon turns terrifying for a young man and his companions. With Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson. Written by Justin Monjo, based on the memoir by Yossi Ghinsberg. Directed by Greg McLean. (1:25) R.

"Killing Gunther" _ A crew of rookie assassins sets out to kill the most infamous hitman of them all. With Taran Killam, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bobby Moynihan, Cobie Smulders, Hannah Simone, Allison Tolman. Written and directed by Killam. (1:32) R.

"The Killing of a Sacred Deer" _ A surgeon befriends a fatherless teen and unwittingly introduces him to his family with frightening results. With Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan, Raffey Cassidy, Bill Camp, Alicia Silverstone. Written by Efthymis Filippou and Yorgos Lanthimos. Directed by Lanthimos. (2:01) R.

"Leatherface" _ A troubled child goes to prison for 10 years, escapes and embarks on a rampage of terror in this Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel. With Stephen Dorff, Lili Taylor, Sam Strike, Sam Coleman, Vanessa Grasse. Written by Seth M. Sherwood. Directed by Julien Maury, Alexandre Bustillo. (1:30) NR.

"Never Here" _ An artist lies to protect her lover, claiming to have witnessed a crime. With Mireille Enos, Sam Shepard, Goran Visnjic, Vincent Piazza. Written and directed by Camille Thoman. (1:50) R.

"Nightworld" _ A former LAPD officer's new job as the head of security of a building in Sofia, Bulgaria, uncovers a terrifying force. With Jason London, Robert Englund, Gianni Capaldi. Writtten by Loris Curci, Dimitar Hristov, Barry Keating, Milan Konjevic. Directed by Patricio Valladares. (1:32) NR.

"One of Us" _ Documentary focuses on three people who fear retribution for attempting to leave New York's close-knit Hasidic community. Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady. (1:35) NR.

"Only the Brave" _ The story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a unit of firefighters facing a momentous fire. With Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Connelly. Written by Ken Nolan and Eric Warren Singer; based on a GQ article by Sean Flynn. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. (2:13) PG-13.

"The Paris Opera" _ Filmmakers go behind the scenes during a season at the famed French arts organization in this documentary. Featuring Benjamin Millepied, Stephane Lissner, Philippe Jordan. Directed by Jean-Stephane Bron. In French with English subtitles. (1:50) NR.

"Same Kind of Different as Me" _ An art dealer attempts to save his marriage by befriending a homeless man. With Greg Kinnear, Renee Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight. Written by Michael Carney & Alexander Foard and Ron Hall, based on the book by Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent. Directed by Michael Carney. PG-13.

"78/52" _ Documentary on the director Alfred Hitchcock's famous Janet Leigh shower sequence from "Psycho." Featuring Guillermo del Toro, Peter Bogdanovich, Bret Easton Ellis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Laryn Kusama, Eli Roth. Written and directed by Alexandre O. Philippe. (1:31) NR.

"A Silent Voice: The Movie" _ The animated story of a young girl with a hearing disability, a bully and the challenges of adolescence. Voices of Miyu Irino, Saori Hayami, Aoi Yuki. Written by Reiko Yoshida. Directed by Naoko Yamada. In Japanese with English subtitles. (2:10) NR.

"The Snowman" _ The leader of an elite detective squad fears a dormant serial killer is back in action. With Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, J.K. Simmons. Written by Matthew Carnahan, Soren Sveistrup, Peter Straughan, Hossein Amini; based on the book by Jo Nesbo. Directed by Tomas Alfredson. (1:59) R.

"Somebody's Mother" _ Two sisters struggle with maternal love and loss. With Gabriela Tollman, Evelyne Tollman, Brian Donovan. Written by Evelyne Tollman, Gabriela Tollman. Directed by Gabriela Tollman. (1:23) NR.

"32 Pills" _ Filmmaker Hope Litoff traces the life and work of her artist sister Ruth, who committed suicide after decorating her loft like a stage set and leaving 15 suicide notes. (1:25) NR.

"Thy Father's Chair" _ Documentary on Orthodox Jewish twins in Brooklyn who are forced to give up their secluded existence. Directed by Antonio Tibaldi and Alex Lora. (1:14) NR.

"Tom of Finland" _ A gay Finnish military officer finds liberation through his art and in California after World War II. With Pekka Strang, Lauri Tilkanen, Werner Daehn and Jessica Grabowsky. Directed by Dome Karukoski. In Finnish, German and English with English subtitles. (1:55) NR.

"Tragedy Girls" _ Amateur crime reporters take their newfound social media status to murderous heights. With Alexandra Shipp, Brianna Hildebrand, Josh Hutcherson, Craig Robinson. Written by Chris Lee Hill, Tyler MacIntyre, based on a screenplay by Justin Olson. Directed by MacIntyre. (1:30) R.

"Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween" _ The popular hyphenate follows up his 2016 horror comedy with a fright romp set at a haunted campground. With Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, Yousef Erakat, Lexy Panterra, Andre Hall. Written and directed by Perry. PG-13.

"Where's the Money" _ A young man from South Central must infiltrate an all-white fraternity to recover a bundle of stolen cash. With Andrew Bachelor, Terry Crews, Mike Epps, Kat Graham, Logan Paul, Method Man. Written by Ted Sperling, Benjamin Sutor, Scott Y. Zabielski; story by Dylan Sellers, Sperling. Directed by Zabielski. (1:26) R.

"Wonderstruck" _ Two children separated by decades embark on parallel journeys to fill gaps in their lives. With Oakes Fegley, Millicent Simmonds, Julianne Moore, Jaden Michael, Cory Michael Smith, Tom Noonan, Michelle Williams. Written by Brian Selznick, based on his novel. Directed by Todd Haynes. (1:57) PG.


"Battle of the Sexes" _ This enjoyable and entertaining film, with the gifted and innately likable actors Emma Stone and Steve Carell as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, is most involving when it deals not with sports or society, but with the personal struggles both players, especially King, were going through in the run-up to their 1973 tennis match. (K.Tu.) PG-13.

"Blade Runner 2049" _ You can quibble with aspects of it, but as shaped by Denis Villeneuve and his masterful creative team, this high-end sequel puts you firmly and unassailably in another world of its own devising, and that is no small thing. (K.Tu.) R.

"Brawl in Cell Block 99" _ Starring Vince Vaughn in a transformative turn as a man on a mission behind bars, this grimly mesmerizing pulp powerhouse from S. Craig Zahler ("Bone Tomahawk") takes its time steering us toward its violent and entirely satisfying destination. (J.C.) NR.

"Dunkirk" _ Both intimate and epic, as emotional as it is tension-filled, Christopher Nolan's immersive World War II drama is being ballyhooed as a departure for the bravura filmmaker, but in truth the reason it succeeds so masterfully is that it is anything but. (K.Tu.) PG-13.

"The Florida Project" _ Absorbing us in the day-to-day rhythms of life at a dumpy Florida motel complex, home to a wildly spirited 6-year-old girl named Moonee (the startling Brooklynn Prince), Sean Baker ("Tangerine") goes to a place few of us know and emerges with a masterpiece of empathy and imagination. (J.C.) R.

"Girls Trip" _ Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and a revelatory Tiffany Haddish play four women renewing the bonds of friendship on a New Orleans weekend getaway in this hilariously raunchy and sensationally assured new comedy from director Malcolm D. Lee ("The Best Man"). (J.C.) R.

"Lucky" _ As a small-town curmudgeon contemplating his own mortality, Harry Dean Stanton gives one of his final and greatest performances in this insistently low-key, dryly funny valentine to the actor's life and career. (J.C.) NR.

"mother!" _ Jennifer Lawrence plays the young wife of a poet (Javier Bardem) besieged by a number of unexpected visitors in this darkly exhilarating house-of-horrors thriller written and directed by Darren Aronofsky. (J.C.) R.

"Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton" _ Even if surfing is not a major interest, Hamilton's personal journey is extraordinary enough that we feel privileged to have such an intimate documentary glimpse into how it all went down. (K.Tu.) NR.

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