Jacob Matthew

Jacob Matthews is the lead producer at Booklight and is still able to stay creative during COVID-19 and quarantine.

Casting his creative and visionary leadership into a storm that is circling waves uncertainty across the globe— this international film producer is taking to social media to encourage his fellow creators that perhaps we cannot control the storm, but still remember to ‘put on a jacket.’

Lead producer at film agency Booklight, Jacob Matthew and his team of creative pioneers produce high end commercial film and video for Silicon Valley Tech Brands, alongside major streaming platforms such as Matthew’s current project— creating original content for a Netflix Original Documentary.

“I decided that I wanted to become a film producer. I had no connections and no experience, said Matthew. “But I knew that if I committed to growing in my skill, my knowledge and my connections over a sustained period of time, I would have a chance to get where I wanted to be.”

However, as COVID-19 began to gain more national attention within the United States, Matthew’s skills were called beyond the walls of networking— rather strengthening his creative triumph by answering his call for leadership.

“This goes well beyond the COVID-19 crises. From chasing a dream, to getting a job, heck… to asking someone out on a date, so many things in life come down to decisions made by other people that we have no control over… however, once you come to accept that, you can move forward knowing that there are lots of things we ARE in control of…think of the weather," Matthew said.

"Whether or not it rains is not within our control, but putting on a jacket is. My encouragement for people to create during this time is founded in the idea that I want people to stop worrying about what they cannot control, but to instead refocus that energy on the things that they can. ”

As a business executive, Matthew recognizes the intersection between hard-work and opportunity, and the current challenges to meet in the middle of that visionary compass at a time when fear and anxiety have become so dominating.

Thus, fueled by his vision to inspire, Matthew has responded to the chaos of the chaos of the pandemic through a series of social media posts that aim to encourage creators to keep investing in their craft.

Matthew has shared his leadership through a variety of mediums, such as hosting Q and A’s on his Instagram, alongside IGTV videos and tweets.

“Anyone can be creative (adjective), but only those who put in the work can claim to be A Creative (noun),” said Matthew in one of his live tweets.

Indeed, the creative drive within Matthew has provided an opportunity for inspiration toward creators around the world, as many flock to his confidence and fierce modes of positivity and resourcefulness.

In light of such characteristics, he also labels himself to be quite the minimalistic.

“Hey guys it’s Jake just chilling in my airstream,” can be a common greeting from Matthew when he begins his IGTV videos— cozied up inside his portable home.

“Living in an airstream is amazing! …but, you have to commit to the larger ideology of minimalism… minimalism is simply the choice to live an intentional life. It is the belief in quality over quantity. I don’t need a million clothes, I need a few high quality items that I feel confident in. I don’t need a big house, I need a home that perfectly fits my needs.”

Matthew gives credit to his wife, Kait who was the ultimate mastermind behind the design of their tiny home. With a bachelors in architecture, Kait had always dreamed of building her own home… and when adventuring life with a traveling filmmaker, building their own airstream seemed to be a perfect fit for the couple.

Similarly to Matthew’s approach to his drive for success, the two strategically put a plan in place to accomplish it, and took control of their circumstances to make that happen.

Matthew continues to encourage other creators to keep pursing opportunities to create, ultimately ‘cutting through the bullshit’ to help transform their passions into careers.

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