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The school year is in full swing, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed and fall behind. Here are five tips to get back on track and not lose your mind during the rest of the semester.

Jumping back into the school years is a shift that students know is coming, but also secretly dread. Who doesn’t love education though? Here are five tips and tricks to get life back on track for the upcoming semester.

Get that back-to-school shopping out of the way

Everyone always has to go shopping once they arrive back to school. Make a list, go to the store and try to get almost everything out of the way. Whether it is things for the apartment, groceries or school supplies, it is best to just get it over and done with in one fell swoop. One trip, a tad bit of cash well spent and a lot less stress. Having a stocked fridge, some pencils in hand and maybe some brand new throw pillows will make the transition from summer to school that much easier.


Coming home from class to a cluttered home is never any fun. If anything, it just makes everything a little bit harder to deal with. Making things personally organized to an individual’s daily routine can help the days go by quicker and easier. Purge those closets, organize those bedrooms and put everything in a place that makes it easier to go about the day. It’ll make things easier to keep clean, and that means not having to look at a messy living space on top of school.

Make a calendar

Now that all of the professors have passed out their syllabi, gather yours together. Whether it is compiling the PDFs from ReggieNet, or finding all of the hard copies, flip to the assignment schedule section of those. Depending on your preferred use of calendar, start filling in each day with the assignments you will have due. A syllabus can make a class seem very jam-packed with work, but seeing it sprawled across the duration of months helps ease the mind a little bit.


Back to school doesn’t just mean starting back up with your classes. It also means managing an apartment or dorm, shopping for groceries and school supplies, all while maintaining a healthy social life. That is not easy while being a full time student. With so much to do, on top of school work, managing time is crucial. Look at your calendar, think about which days are less stressful and consider which days are the best to get some chores done. A to-do list each day may help as well. Everyone will have a stocked fridge and a clean living space with spare time to see friends in no time. 

Take some personal time

The end of summer is always rough, especially when it means back to school. Taking a deep breath and not going overboard is always helpful. Yes, focusing on class is important, especially with the cost of college, but that doesn’t mean everyone should ignore some always needed me time. Go out for a drink or plan a night in with your friends. Catching up and bonding over the back-to-school blues could be an amazing stress relief.

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