Looking for a Halloween costume? There are plenty of pop culture references to be made this year, like dressing up as Harley Quinn from "Birds of Prey."

Halloween is right around the corner, and the costumes are the best part. This year has thrown us a lot of curve balls, but what is a better way to take your mind off things than to dress up and get your spook on? Here are some fun pop culture costume ideas for 2020, whether you are celebrating Halloween with your roommates or just getting some cute Instagram photos.

‘Outer Banks’ characters

Dress up as one of your favorite characters from the popular Netflix show “Outer Banks.” You can dress up as John B in a colorful shirt, flip flops and a black eye, or one of the other characters. You could also make this a group costume with the characters.

Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic from ‘Tiger King

A funny costume for couples or friends is Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic. All you need for this fun costume is some animal print for both of them and top it off with a hat and a mustache for Joe Exotic.

Billie Eilish at the Grammy Awards

Billie Eilish definitely showed up in style at the Grammy Awards. You can look up or DIY this costume on the internet. All you need is a black and lime green suit with a lime green turtleneck underneath and a mask. We cannot forget the mask she was wearing in her photos. Add some green hairspray and some sunglasses to make it fun.

Lara Jean from ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’

Dress as Lara Jean from the popular Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Wear a light pink short-sleeved shirt tucked into a brown flowy skirt. Add a yellow polka dot headband and a heart necklace if you have one. You could make this a couple’s costume too. Have your partner wear a varsity jacket and jeans with a scrunchie on their wrist.

Riverdale’ characters

Whether you dress as Jughead in a serpent jacket, Archie in a varsity Jacket or Betty and Veronica, these costumes are full of fun. This costume can be made for singles, couples and groups.

Harley Quinn in ‘Birds of Prey’

Harley Quinn seems to be a popular costume every year, but it is definitely coming back in 2020 because of “Birds of Prey.” To dress like Harley Quinn, you will need a bunch of colorful pieces, especially pink. You can DIY this costume, and to make it more fun, carry around a baseball bat as your prop.

TikTok stars

Make this fun and creative! Dress as your favorite TikTok star. You could dress like Charli D’amelio, Noah Beck, Liza Koshy, etc. Look up your favorite star and DIY the costume.

David Dobrik

Who does not love David Dobrik? This costume can go many different ways. You could wear all black with a hat, or pilot cap and sunglasses. Look at one of your favorite videos that David Dobrik has created and match his outfit.

'Emily in Paris'

Match one of her colorful work outfits, or simply wear an elegant black dress with your hair in a bun and heels to match what she wore to the ballet show.

Joe from ‘You’

Dress as the stalker, Joe, from the series “You.” Joe’s look is very simple, consisting of a basic white T-shirt under a button-up shirt with a jean jacket over it. He wears jeans or nice pants with a belt and carries a backpack most of the time. Doesn’t seem like what a stalker would wear, but he pulled it off. Can you?

Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence from ‘Cobra Kai

Make this a duo or a single. Dress up as Daniel LaRusso by wearing a simple white long-sleeved shirt or even better, a white robe. Add a large white headband to your forehead and try to match the design he wore. As for Johnny Lawrence, wear a simple black short sleeve shirt with black pants and a skinny black headband.

Elle and Lee from ‘The Kissing Booth’

Dress as Elle and Lee from the popular movie “The Kissing Booth.” Match the amazing duo by wearing their “Tea Elle and Lee Dance Dance Mania” shirts. Match them with skinny jeans and casual sneakers or Converse. Finally, show off your best dance moves.

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