As snow and cold continue to hit the Midwest student at Illinois State University are eager for Spring Break vacation. ISU sophomore education major Sarah Moey is ready for Spring Break 2019.

The campus erupts with color as the once dry, brittle blades of grass perk back into life, having endured the harsh temperatures of a brutal winter. A soft cool breeze travels through the air, replacing the piercing winds that forced students into face-down submission while walking to class.

Endless layers of clothing are finally shed as the sun’s rays soak into skin that has not felt the soft kiss of springtime sunshine for what has felt like ages.

With Spring Break just a few days away, fantasies of spring’s rejuvenating energy run through students’ heads.

“I find the natural beauty of both flowers and mushrooms to be completely alluring and the sight of active life is wonderful,” junior geology major Steven Young Jr. said. “I’m also excited to be comfortable outside again. The winter is too dry for me, but the cool humidity of spring and the increasing temperature makes for the perfect weather for me. The air is just more breathable in the springtime and I love hiking around barefoot in the muddy grass without a jacket.”

Young expressed that not only is the physical climate and appearance better, but the general attitude of students and people becomes a little more uplifted as spring rolls around.

“I just see more smiles and the energy and atmosphere of the area really seems to improve. I used to hate spring, because the snow would melt into ugly gray, brown, black hues, but transformation into something beautiful often requires an unpleasant transitional phase,” Young added.

Students are filled with excitement as plants and animals unique to springtime emerge, such as new queen bees, frogs, toads, grass snakes, birds and chipmunks. The warmer days and regular rainfall allow for many animals to have their babies with more available food.

The chirping of the birds in the morning can serve as a reminder that new life is being brought forth into the world, perhaps inspiring kindness, hope and endurance.

“I am looking forward to birds, warmth and flowers,” history education major Colleen Horne said.

Psychology major McKayla Scroggins is also looking forward to rising temperatures, as they tend to improve her energy levels and make the walk to class more enjoyable.

“I really miss the warmth. I feel so much better in the sun and it makes the walk to classes so much nicer. When I’m in class, I have more focus because I’m not recovering from the cold or dreading the walk back,” Scroggins said.

With spring also comes the opportunity for new wardrobe changes.

Senior accounting major Tyler Dehority expressed his resentment toward the cold temperatures that prevent him from wearing the clothes he likes best.

“I’ll be much happier [in the springtime]. I love wearing cargo shorts. All I want in life is to wear cargo shorts. Why has mother nature forsaken me,” Dehority joked.

Additionally, the burden of wearing pounds of extra layers to class will be relieved when the warmer temperatures come around.

“I’m excited about not having to carry scarves and mittens and coats to class all the time,” senior music major Aesla Butler said.

With the rise of temperatures and the return of sweet sunshine, students will have an extra spring in their step to carry them toward the end of the semester.

RACHEL SCHOLLMEIER is a features reporter for The Vidette. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @r_schollmeier.

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