Remake Halloween Movies

The Stephen King inspired horror movie "It" made a comeback this September when the new version was released.

With Halloween right around the corner, it is finally time to start re-watching all the Halloween movies that are absolute classics.

Sometimes, these movies do not even have to be based around Halloween. Instead, horror films become very popular in the month of October because they create the scary factor that Halloween brings.

Not all Halloween movies have to be scary, however. The movie “Halloweentown” is a big hit with students, and is the ideal movie series to binge watch during the month of October. Every once and while the movie will play on Disney Channel and so many people still get excited since its release in 1998.

Freshman special education major Jocelyn Alcantara’s favorite Halloween movie is “Halloweentown”; but she also likes the movie “It,” which is an adaptation from Stephen King’s famous novel.

“I like the movie a lot,” Alcantara said. “I thought it could have been a little bit scarier, but I really enjoyed the plot line.”

It is common for people to find a rush from scary movies, and with it being Halloween season, that just adds to the rush even more.

There is something about scary movies that people love; even though it terrifies them. The body gets filled with adrenaline and sends shockwaves to the brain.

Scary movies have been around for quite some time. They then get remade to fit the generation that will be watching them. For example, the movie “It” was remade and has a funny factor in the new version. While still having its scary moments, it tends to fit the audience much more.

Freshman Madison Gibbons enjoys scary movies because of the rush of adrenaline she gets.

“My favorite part during the movies is when people jump out and scare me,” Gibbons said.

While not everyone may not feel the same way as Gibbons, movies like “Halloweentown” exist so that people that are afraid of being scared can still enjoy a Halloween movie.

Halloween is an amazing time for scary movies and family classics to shine, whether scary or not. There is a Halloween movie out there for everyone.

REBEKAH CARTLIDGE is a Features Reporter reporter for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follower her on Twitter at @bekahcartlidge

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