Moving Tips

When students are getting ready to move out, they should make sure they don't procrastinate, they look over their leasing contracts and talk to their leasing agencies.

As the end of the spring semester approaches, students prepare to move out of their dorms, apartments or whatever living space they occupy during their time at Illinois State University.

Moving out is usually a stressful process, as one must find a way to transfer all of their belongings to another place in the most convenient way possible. When students live over two hours away, making multiple trips can be difficult. However, with these useful tips, moving out can be a simpler process.

Leave clothes on the hangers

Instead of taking clothes off the hangers and folding them, leave them on and put them in a trash bag. This way, clothes will be less wrinkly and arranged in the order they were already in when it comes time to unpack. It will also make it easier to carry clothes to the car.

Wrap dishware in shirts

It seems that a broken dish is inevitable in the moving process. However, wrapping dishes in shirts is a good way to try to prevent breaks. Blankets or towels can also be used for this purpose. One will save money by not purchasing bubble wrap. Additionally, one will be packing multiple items at once. One can also pack glassware in socks to save more space and prevent breakage.

Use suitcases for heavier items

Instead of trying to carry heavy items, consider using a suitcase for easier transportation. If one does not have a suitcase at school, ask family or friends who may be helping with the moving process.

Pack a small bag with the necessities

Unloading everything when one gets home is highly unlikely. To avoid digging through bags to find commonly used items, pack a bag that contains items one may need right away, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, make up, or a go-to outfit to change into.

Junior agriculture business major said, “When it’s time for me to move out, I’ve found that it’s easier to pack all of my makeup, hair and bathroom products together because I feel like that’s what I usually go to first.”

Sell stuff online or drop off at thrift shops

Consider what items one can afford to let go of, then sell these online. Facebook is a great source for doing this. One can post their items in the marketplace or in multiple ISU related groups.

If items do not get any offers, consider dropping them off at a local thrift store. The more unused and unnecessary items one can get rid of, the easier the move will be.

Make a to-do list

Much like students make to-do lists for assignments, making a to-do list for moving can help things run more smoothly.

One thing that should be on the to-do list for students moving out is to clean the apartment. This will partially ensure that some of the safety deposit put on the apartment can be redeemed.

Senior nursing major Ali Tomczyk advices to, “Buy paint that matches the apartment, so you can paint over any spots.”

Pack ahead

Instead of trying to tackle it all in one day, make it a gradual process. Start by packing clothes and shoes that are not worn often, then by the time moving day comes, one will have less to pack.

Stop buying groceries

Students should stop buying groceries for a week or two before moving out. Avoid wasting and throwing out food by avoiding trips to the grocery store close to one’s move-out date.

Put cotton pads or cotton balls in cosmetics.

Much like dishes, makeup such as blush and powders can break easily during a move. Putting a cotton pad in between can help prevent this.

Although often time-consuming, moving out does not have to be a stressful process. Hold on to the excitement of moving on to the next chapter of one’s life. By using that excitement as fuel, one may find growth and renewed energy in the process.

RACHEL SCHOLLMEIER is a features reporter for The Vidette. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter @r_schollmeier.

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