Being stuck at home might cause some cabin fever, but here are some tips to make the best of your time spent social distancing.

With the ever growing pandemic, and its ability to ever change this hopefully short period of our lives, things are bound to get a hard to deal with. Student, faculty and community members alike are now forced to give up their livelihood to save lives. This is a huge shift compared to a month ago.

No longer being able to look forward to social events, basic activities we take for granted and everyday festivities is bound to take a toll on people’s mental health. Why allow it to though?

Here are some tips, tricks and advise to keep the COVID-19 blues at bay.

Be productive

Yes, we are no longer allowed to just go about our day however we please, but we can use this downtime from specific things to enhance our productivity. Use the extra free time to motivate yourself to start those dream

projects, organize that closet and complete that back of the mind bucket list.

Vince Peneschi, and ISU alumna the graduated this past December says, “For me, personally, this is the perfect time for me to study for my Real Estate exams. With all of this newly given time, I can benefit by pushing myself to succeed in that way, where I can’t in others.”

Make a to do list

With each day of the shelter-in-place, let alone overall pandemic, moving very slowly, making a to do list to hold people accountable during the day can stifle the boredom. Completing a day full of activities, although not necessarily the most desired of activities, will add a sense of accomplishment. Who doesn’t love that?

Set goals

Setting day to day goals to keep life moving at a normal pace adds even more to that previous sense of accomplishment. Focusing on one’s self in a time of loneliness can turn boredom into flourishment.

Try to keep things business as usual

It has been advised worldwide to go about one’s day as normally as possible. Yes, this doesn’t mean people can do everything they normally did, and now realize they took for granted. What it does mean, though, is that they can keep a routine, which will keep a sense of order in lives where it seems like there isn’t any.

Get creative

Think. Use that brain and think of all the possible things and ways people can prosper during this time. Dust off some old board games, use technology to gain social structure and just because it isn’t easy to have fun does not mean it is impossible.

Band together

One individual is not the only person going through this This is a worldwide pandemic for a reason. Remind loved ones that they are loved. Tell people they are missed. Banding together can bring a sense of community back to a stifled world, while also lifting spirits.

Stay motivated

Life is not ending; it is just changing. If there is no reason for life to stop, then there is no reason for others to loose site of motivation. Stay motivated to keep moving through this, or the feeling of being stuck in hard times can become encompassing.

Remember it is for a very good reason

Does this suck? Absolutely, but it is so life as we know it can return to what we knew it as. It is so people can survive and thrive again. Reminders of this can motivate people to see the light at the end of the tunnel, although we do not know how far away it is.

HAILEY BIALAS is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follow her on Twitter at @haileybialas 

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