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Sugr is a way for users to discover food in their areas. The app is currently running in Chicago and Milwaukee, with more locations coming soon.

One of the most troubling questions on a night out is where to eat. There are simply too many options to choose from.

Then the typical “I don’t care” argument starts and suddenly a group or couple is stuck on what to do and where to eat.

Illinois State University senior communication studies major Andres De La Rosa and his business partners seek to end this argument with a new app titled “Sugr.

Think of Sugr as Tinder but for food. The app seeks to track personal food preferences by having users swipe left or right on taste preference.

For example, if one prefers frozen yogurt over ice cream, they would swipe right for the yogurt, giving the app information needed to make inferences on one’s personality when it comes to food.

The more a user swipes, the more information is stored, which in turn creates destinations for users.

“We don’t have chain restaurants available in our database,” De La Rosa said. “We’re huge supporters of local, growing businesses.”

This means that none of the destinations selected will include McDonald’s, Taco Bell and the likes.

Sugr offers many options for the younger generation. Not only does it curate food matches to a unique personality, but it also limits ad disruption and provides an easy electronic payment for those on-the-go.

“We wanted to create something that’s instant, something that knows you,” De La Rosa said.

Currently, Sugr is only available for Apple products, but De La Rosa said the company is also looking to develop the app for Android users this year. This allows the app to not only have Apple pay available, but Samsung pay available as well.

Whether there is travelling involved or the same old place has become boring, Sugr can help one to discover.

“You just don’t really know places. Where do I go, what do I do? Sugr is like a compass and Sugr is always telling you where to go and where the best spot is for you,” De La Rosa said about the product.

Gone are the days of fighting and indecisiveness on a night out. Discover new places tailored to one’s own unique personality and never feel lost on where to go again.

BECKY FLETCHER is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. Contact her at Followe on Twitter at @becky__fletcher

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