A customer (did not want to show face) pays for scratch out tickets from a vending machine, on the possible last day of Powerball games at the Harwood Convenient Store in Harwood, Wednesday, June 28, 2017. 

College students' heads are as filled with as many dreams as their campus is with people. Though winning the lottery typically remains a fantasy, Illinois State University students contemplate what they would do if that dream became reality.

New money, new wheels

"I would spend my money on schooling and either improve my current car or buy a new one. If I bought a new car, it would be something that is good on gas mileage and good for the environment." - Junior theatre major Kailey Norton

Helping a father out

"I would pay my father's [Charles] mortgage." - Junior business management major Skyler Tunk

YouTube channel improvements, self- investments and scholarships

"I think I would use my money to travel the world and make the coolest videos possible for my YouTube channel, [StarbodyTV]. Additionally, I would make sure I have enough to cover all my needs/wants; then I would invest what I have left. I would use the other half to create a scholarship for ISU students to help pay for books every semester. I have struggled paying for my books and would not want more people to be in the same situation." - Freshman entrepreneurship major Jaycee Starbody

A trip to Europe

"I am not as well-traveled as I would like to be. If I won, I would visit Europe to absorb the different culture." – Freshman biology major Jeff Smith

New area entertainment

"I would open up a concert venue in Bloomington-Normal or the surrounding area so that I could book electronic dance music (EDM) artists. There is no EDM shows here and many kids at ISU and townies are big fans. They have to travel to University of Illinois Chicago or Peoria [to see EDM artists]." - Senior environmental health major Mat Sullivan

Creating a family fortune

"I would pay off my student loans, along with my siblings' [loans] if they want to go to a university. Additionally, I would buy a yacht and my mom [Jen] a house and whatever else she would want." - Sophomore psychology Allison Reamer

Helping communities

"I would purchase multiple low-income apartments/projects around the inner city of Peoria and Chicago. Additionally, I would place tutoring centers that also teach people how to do their taxes and write resumes. I would appropriate the majority of the money towards scholarships for inner-city minorities." - Freshman political science major Mar Davis

STUART STALTER is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter at @VidetteStuS

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