"Jeepers Creepers 3" came out Sept. 26. Students wanting to get scared this Halloween season may want to rethink watching this famous movie series sequel. 

"Jeepers Creepers, wher'd ya get those peepers/Jeepers Creepers..."

Why will this franchise die?

The answer is money.

"Jeepers Creepers 3" debuted for one night only in limited theaters on Sept. 27. The limited release was due to protests over Director Victor Salva's pedophilia charges. Regardless, the showing grossed $1.77 million, ranking third in the box office. Popular demand led to worldwide release yesterday.

In this case, money does not buy a masterpiece. The storyline extends the plot established in the original 2001 cult classic "Jeepers Creepers."

Every 23 years for 23 days, an archaic, demon-like creature called Creeper (Jonathan Breck) victimizes Florida residents and feeds on their dead flesh. This time, the military aims to cease Creeper's violent feeding frenzy. Along the way, the plot unveils Creeper's backstory.

After two solid entries, this third movie proves the formula ages like the Crypt Keeper rather than fine wine. Though undisclosed, the third edition's budget is clearly lower than the $17 million "Jeepers Creepers 2" received.

Choppy computer-generated imagery confirms this assumption. Cinematic awkwardness hinder certain scenes, such as Creeper attacking someone on a motorcycle before a little production glitch occurs. Zero memorable special effects compensate for noticeable flaws.

Furthermore, Silva made awkward decisions in pacing this film. He wastes the opening 15 minutes on cops examining Creeper's truck. Sherriff Tashtego (Stan Shaw) boringly discovers the truck is rigged with mechanically-impossible traps.

A badass, winged creature paired with a 'B' horror movie version of a Mario Kart vehicle is baffling. Previously, Creeper used a rusty, yet intimating truck he transported dead bodies in.

The choice to span events over one day further drains Creeper's signature aurora. A predator on the prowl looks bizarre in daylight. Unlike previous films, viewers rarely see Creeper in his moonlit glory.

This reviewer cannot picture Jason Voorhees sipping coffee and reading the Crystal Lake Chronicle before slashing horny teenagers' jugulars while roosters crow.

Though he contends with waves of ridiculousness, Breck shows he never lost the ability to menacingly portray Creeper.

With no dialogue, Brek's body language speaks volumes. If the eyes are the window panes to the soul, Banks ensures Creeper shows no compassion through blank expressions. Cool makeup and costumes supplement Brek's acting.

Though some positives exist, this movie does not warrant watching, unless the viewer is a hardcore fan. There are worse horror sequels, but this franchise gets knocked out in round three.

Unfortunately, a confirmed sequel means Creeper will return for a fourth helping of human flesh. If the sequel is worse, he may be gorging on Syfy's leftovers.

Rating: 1.5/5

STUART STALTER is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter at @VidetteStuS

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