"Give Me Future"

Major Lazer performed at Havana, Cuba in March 2016. The EDM group documented their journey in "Give Me Future" of bringing the power of music to aspire hope. "Give Me Future" will be available on Nov. 17 on Apple Music exclusively.  

Picture this: a life without internet. Today, it is considered a basic necessity for even the simplest of tasks. The insatiability of people’s desire to be connected stretches far around the globe. Countries such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom lead the technological movement and advancement of electronics, but what about the countries that fall behind?

The lagging nations that outwardly reside in the late 20th century are the ones who seem to never see prosperity at its peak. With the future in front of their faces, countries like Cuba do not have the means to give all their people the tools to grasp it.

Since the United States restored diplomatic ties in Cuba during the latter half of the Obama administration, a movement to bring the people of both countries together to rejoice was on the minds of all those close to the pact. And what better way to bring people closer together than the power of music?

As renowned American electronic music trio Major Lazer (comprised of global EDM superstars Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire) continue to expand their horizon of global music domination, the group completed a historic performance in Havana, Cuba in March 2016; celebrating the first performance by a major American artist in a country where diplomacy has been reinstated.

Recorded and detailed, the documentary following the process and the creation of this concert entitled “Give Me Future” releases Nov. 17 only on Apple Music.

The attraction of the documentary comes from the multi-cultural brand that Major Lazer portrays to not only their fans, but everyone. Working alongside artists such as Jamaican icon Sean Paul and Cuban-American performer Herizen Guardiola, the film includes a two for one special in a sense: film and music.

Unreleased songs as well as a complemented album from Major Lazer is collaborated along with the film’s release.

“Give Me Future” revolves around hope, or seems to emanate that sense from the trailer. Premiering at Sundance, the film revolves around Major Lazer’s attempt to extend their musical influence, furthering the connection of their Carribean roots to Cuba.

In the film, the group meets with aspiring young artists that contemplate the ideals of youth culture in a country on the forefront of immense change.

After the success of its two latest releases – 2015 critically acclaimed album “Peace Is The Mission” and its 2017 surprise EP titled “Know No Better” – Major Lazer seems to not only cross cultural lines in “Give Me Future,” but also forms of media.

The mastery of media manipulation and domination only helps the music group in the long run to achieve its goal: inspire and create music for all to hear.

Please check out the “Give Me Future” trailer on YouTube, and be on the lookout for its release on Apple Music on Nov. 17.

JONATHAN BARLAS is a Features and Sports reporter for The Vidette. He can be reached at vidette_jbarla@ilstu.edu. Follow him on Twitter @janveselybarlas.

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