Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds in "A Quiet Place." (Paramount Pictures)

Ratings by the Motion Picture Association of America are: (G) for general audiences; (PG) parental guidance urged because of material possibly unsuitable for children; (PG-13) parents are strongly cautioned to give guidance for attendance of children younger than 13; (R) restricted, younger than 17 admitted only with parent or adult guardian; (NC-17) no one 17 and younger admitted.

(Critics' Choices capsule reviews are by Kenneth Turan (K.Tu.), Justin Chang (J.C.) and other reviewers. Openings compiled by Kevin Crust.)


"Aardvark" _ A man seeks therapy as he hallucinates about his TV star brother. With Zachary Quinto, Jenny Slate, Sheila Vand, Jon Hamm. Written and directed by Brian Shoaf. (1:25) PG-13.

"All I Want" _ Revelations shake a couple's 10th-anniversary gathering. With Melissa Center, Drew Rausch, Josh Casaubon. Written by West Liang and Center. Directed by Liang. (1:31) R.

"Baja" _ Driving his parents RV to Cabo over Christmas break, a young man is led on a misadventure by his wilder friend and two young women. With Jake Thomas, Chris Brochu, Adrienne Mandi, Michelle DeShon. Written and directed by Tony Vidal. (1:46) PG-13.

"Beirut" _ A former American diplomat is sent to negotiate for the life of a friend. With Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike, Dean Norris. Written by Tony Gilroy. Directed by Brad Anderson. (1:49) R.

"Belle du Jour" _ Catherine Deneuve stars as a housewife moonlighting in a bordello in director Luis Bunuel's 1967 classic. With Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli. Written by Bunuel, based on a novel by Joseph Kessel. In French with English subtitles. (1:40) NR.

"Blumhouse's Truth or Dare" _ Repercussions befall friends when they don't play the notorious game correctly. With Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane. Written by Michael Reisz and Jillian Jacobs & Chris Roach & Jeff Wadlow, story by Michael Reisz. Directed by Wadlow. PG-13.

"Borg vs. McEnroe" _ Sverrir Gudnason and Shia LaBeouf play the tennis greats waging one of the all-time great on-court rivalries. With Stellan Skarsgard, Tuva Novotny. Written by Ronnie Sandahl. Directed by Janus Metz. (1:40)R.

"Color Me You" _ Pressured by her family to become a lawyer, a young woman invents a secret identity to pursue painting. With Kaley Caperton, Katie Walker, Christina Burdette. Written by Brandon Mason, Gary Allen, Billy Austin. Directed by Marco Bottiglieri. (1:30) NR.

"Come Sunday" _ World-famous pastor Carlton Pearson challenges religious doctrine, endangering his standing in the church. With Chiwetel Ejiofor, Danny Glover, Condola Rashad, Jason Segel, Lakeith Stanfield, Martin Sheen. Written by Marcus Hinchey. Directed by Joshua Marston. (1:46) NR.

"The Endless" _ Two brothers return to the UFO death cult from which they escaped years earlier. With Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Tate Ellington. Written by Benson. Directed by Benson and Moorhead. (1:52) NR.

"Flock of Four" _ A quartet of Pasadena teens head to Los Angeles' Central Avenue to find a jazz legend in 1959. With Braeden LeMasters, Isaac Jay, Uriah Shelton, Dylan Riley Snyder, Reg E Cathey. Written by Gregory Caruso and Michael Nader, based on the short story by Caruso. Directed by Caruso. (1:23) NR.

"Krystal" _ A young man with a heart condition pretends to be in Alcoholics Anonymous to win over a woman with a past and a 16-year-old son in a wheelchair. With Rosario Dawson, Nick Robinson, Tip "TI" Harris, Jacob Latimore, Grant Gustin, William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman, William Fichtner, Rick Fox, Kathy Bates. Written by Will Aldis. Directed by Macy. (1:33) R.

"A Nightmare in Las Vegas" _ Interviews with witnesses, victims, journalists and attorneys attempt to piece together the truth behind the largest mass shooting in U.S. history in this documentary. Directed by Charlie Minn. (1:20) NR.

"An Ordinary Man" _ A war criminal on the run moves to a new location and places his trust in a maid. With Ben Kingsley, Hera Hilmar, Peter Serafinowicz. Written and directed by Brad Silberling. (1:30) R.

"Rampage" _ A genetic experiment goes haywire turning a silverback gorilla and other beasts into giant, angry mutants. With Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jake Lacy, Joe Manganiello, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Written by Ryan Engle and Carlton Cuse & Ryan J. Condal and Adam Sztykiel, story by Engle, based on the video game. Directed by Brad Peyton. PG-13.

"The Rider" _ A former rodeo star searches for new meaning to his life after an accident. With Brady Jandreau, Tim Jandreau, Lilly Jandreau, Lane Scott, Cat Clifford. Written and directed by Chloe Zhao. (1:44) R.

"Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero" _ Animated adventure detailing the true-life exploits of a stray dog and a U.S. Army private in World War I. With the voices of Logan Lerman, Helena Bonham Carter, Gerard Depardieu. Written by Richard Lanni and Mike Stokey II. Directed by Lanni. (1:30) PG.

"Sign Gene" _ A genetic mutation allows agents _ and their enemies _ to develop super powers using sign language. With Emilio Insolera, Humberto Insolera, Ben Bahan. Directed and interpreted by Insolera. In English, Japanese, Italian, American Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language and Italian Sign Language, with English subtitles. (1:10) NR.

"Submergence" _ A British agent and a bio-mathematician meet and fall in love in Normandy but must separate as each goes on a life-threatening mission. With Alicia Wickander, James McAvoy. Written by Erin Dignam. Directed by Wim Wenders. (1:52) NR.

"10x10" _ A woman with a new business is kidnapped and terrorized with a different form of identity theft. With Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly. Written by Noel Clarke. Directed by Suzi Ewing. (1:28) NR.

"This is Home: A Refugee Story" _ Documentary on Syrian immigrants living in Baltimore. Directed by Alexandra Shiva. (1:31) NR.

"20 Weeks" _ A young couple faces a challenge that threatens their first pregnancy and their relationship. With Margaret Hollyman and Amir Arison. Written and directed by Leena Pendharkar. (1:30) NR.

"Where is Kyra?" _ Michelle Pfeiffer stars as a middle-age divorcee struggling to survive after losing her job and the death of her mother. With Kiefer Sutherland, Sam Robards, Suzanne Shepherd. Written by Darci Picoult, based on a story by Andrew Dosunmu. Directed by Dosunmu. (1:38) NR,

"Wildling" _ A teenage girl from mysterious origins fights her raging urges in this update of the werewolf legend. With Bel Powley, Liv Tyler, Brad Dourif. Written and directed by Fritz Bohm. (1:32) R.


"Annihilation" _ Natalie Portman plays a biologist who joins an all-female expedition into the heart of an environmental disaster zone in this eerily beautiful and hypnotically unsettling mind-bender from "Ex Machina" writer-director Alex Garland. (J.C.) R.

"Claire's Camera" _ Isabelle Huppert cuts gloriously loose as an amateur photographer on a Cannes holiday in this delicate, teasing wisp of a comedy from South Korean director Hong Sang-soo, also starring his excellent regular collaborator Kim Min-hee. (J.C.) NR.

"The Green Fog" _ Guy Maddin's latest valentine to the treasures of cinema past (directed with Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson) is an ingenious found-footage retelling of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo," culled from movies and TV shows all shot and set in San Francisco. (J.C.) NR.

"Outside In" _ A performance of exquisite depth from Edie Falco is the centerpiece of director Lynn Shelton's sharp, moving drama starring Jay Duplass (with whom Shelton co-wrote the movie) as an ex-con struggling to readjust. (J.C.) NR.

"A Quiet Place" _ A family faces terror in the woods. With Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds. Written by Bryan Woods & Scott Beck and Krasinski. Directed by Krasinski. (1:30) PG-13.

"The Shape of Water" _ Magical, thrilling and romantic to the core, a sensual and fantastical "Beauty and the Beast" tale with moral overtones, Guillermo del Toro's film plays by all the rules and none of them, going its own way with fierce abandon. (K.Tu.) R.

"Unsane" _ Claire Foy gives a terrific performance as a businesswoman who may be losing her mind in Steven Soderbergh's scary and stealthily political psychothriller. (J.C.) R.

"You Were Never Really Here" _ This grim, artful New York crime thriller about a tormented thug-for-hire (a rivetingly contained Joaquin Phoenix) confirms writer-director Lynne Ramsay ("We Need to Talk About Kevin") as one of the most exciting and exacting film stylists of her generation. (J.C.)

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