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Sophomore mass media major Nathaniel Perry lives in Hewett-Manchester where he produces music. 

Chicago, known for influencing many of its residents to pursue the fine arts, is also home to many ISU students.

With a great amount of creativity flowing throughout the city, many students use its creative showcase as inspiration to pursue their own crafts.

Disc Jockeys, also known as DJs, are the people who have solidified the beats, rhythms and vibes of every popular event since the early 1900’s.

A DJ's ultimate role in the music industry is to select the appropriate style of music to mix and play in order to please the crowd at an event.

Sophomore mass media major Nathaniel Perry said Chicago inspired him to pursue the craft of DJing since he was six years old.

“Growing up in Chicago, I remember walking down the street and seeing a group of men called the ‘Chicago Bucket Boys’ standing on the corner making beats using buckets and sticks,” Perry said. “Everyday I’d go watch them create beats off the top of their heads and they eventually were discovered and made it into the music industry.”

Perry later did research into the profession and voiced his interest to his parents. Due to expensive equipment and not wanting to ask his parents for help, Perry put off the passion of DJing until he could afford the equipment on his own.

“I hid my passion for mixing for a while until I went on to college and saw not only other DJs mixing for parties, but how big of an opportunity I’d have to promote my brand and really make a name for myself if I put my mind to the art,” Perry said.

During his freshman year of college, Perry conversed with DJs who were popular on campus. With leadership and the right equipment, Perry began to mix and master beats for parties.

Senior business administration major Samiat Majekodunmi, stated that Perry exceeded her expectations when DJing her event.

“He had great crowd interaction, his transitions from song to song were smooth and he knew the right songs to play to set the tone for my event,” Majekodunmi said. “Overall, he did better than I thought he would, being that he’s fairly new.”

In the future, Perry intends on creating his own company, hiring DJ’s from all over to host nationwide events.

“Hopefully by the age of 25, I’d [like to be] on at least three tours DJing for festival events and some of the top artists within the music industry,” Perry said.

Perry continued, “If I could start my own company in the future, signing other DJs under my name and giving them connections to other events nationwide, I think it’d be dope. That’s one of the goals I’m aiming for with my craft.”

Prices for parties and events vary upon location; however, for small events he charges a starting price of $75, house parties $100 and large venues $150.

For further information on Perry’s services, he can be contacted by email at TheDjLegendary@gmail.com, and on Twitter and Instagram @itsdjlegendary.

TIFFANI JACKSON-SKINNER is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Tfjack1@ilstu.edu

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