Slender Man

Slender Man has been a popular internet and video game character for years. Now, he is the subject of his own film, which is not getting critical acclaim. 

Those who are fans of edge-of-the-seat, eye-covering scream films will find that “Slender Man” is not for them.  

Slender Man isn’t for critics either. The film is currently rated 11 percent by Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is arguably the biggest let down of 2018.  

This film focuses on the friendship of four teenage girls in high school (Annalise Basso, Jaz Sinclair, Julia Goldani Telles and Joey King). 

One night, they decide to conjure up a demonic figure, Slender Man (Javier Botet), by watching a video. After viewing the video, strange and disturbing events happen to each of the girls, picking away at their hopes of survival one by one.  

Though a seemingly good plot, the film unfortunately displayed quite the opposite.  

There were a few scary moments in the movie, but not enough to classify this as a horror film. The acting wasn’t great either. King — an actress famously known for the Netflix show “Kissing Booth”  was one of the only actresses who did a good job portraying an innocent, scared, high school girl.  

Furthermore, the lines were cheesy and predictable, there was little or no climax and a poorly thought out plot. In particular, the resolution is confusing. Seemingly, the ending indicates that there might be a "Slender Man 2" in the future. This is no reason to jump for joy or terror.  

Despite the negatives, the movie wasn’t completely awful. The music to the film was very fitting. It had the same chilly, eerie music that is in the Slender Man video game, which was a nice touch to the film.  

The sound effects were chilling as well. The eerie creak of the floorboard when Slender Man slides across the floor, waiting to attack his next victim was a highlight.

Ultimately, this movie had potential, but it led to global letdown. Popular film critic Brian Tollerico agrees.

“Sporadically, one can see the movie that Slender Man could have been, but it disappears like the title character's victims,”  Tollerico states.

In hindsight, this movie seems a lot like “The Ring — a much better horror film. Similar to “The Ring, in Slender Man, the girls come across a video on the internet and watch it. After watching it, they become entrapped in Slender Man’s kiss of death. This is similar to “The Ring,” where if one watches the video then they have seven days to live.

Overall, the cons of “Slender Man” outweighed the pros. If students bring a student ID card and want to have a laugh instead of a startle, they can go see the movie at the theaters for a discounted price.  

Viewers will find that that there is a slender chance they be frightened by the Slender Man. 

Rating: 1.5/5

KYNDSIE HUSTON is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follow her on Twitter at @kyndsie_h

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