Surviving Vday Single

Juniors Gabi Madonia and Katie Hummert cozy up for "Galentine's" Day 

Valentine’s Day is seen as the holiday of love. That love is often associated with a significant other, but what is so wrong with taking time to love one’s self?

Being single can be tough, especially around Cupid’s holiday, but being single can be the perfect opportunity to improve one’s self, achieve inner goals and find self-actualization.

It can be a learning process that often goes overlooked. Too often do people search for love and acceptance in others rather than finding it in themselves, which can lead to a life of emptiness and unfulfillment.

In the end, all anyone has is themselves. College is a time to love one’s self as much as others. “Self-love” is a message that many are trying to spread in these changing times.

Although being single has tremendous benefits, sometimes it is hard not to fantasize about relationships, especially around Valentine’s Day. One way to get through the holiday is to put all focus into self-love. The act of self-love leads to feeling worthy, and once someone feels worthy, they have an easier time enjoying their own company, which is half the battle.

Business major Bevin Tovar is a perfect example of enjoying one’s own company. She has some very knowledgeable advice about being a strong, successful, single individual.

“Do whatever makes you feel good for yourself. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you don’t need other people to make you feel good. You have the skills to do it yourself,” Tovar said.

Another misconception about Valentine’s Day is that those without a significant other are not able to partake in the holiday. According to Amy Moran from Business Insider, “Time alone doesn’t have to be lonely.”

Many people are under the notion that they need a companion in order to have value, or even enjoy themselves. Business Insider reports that individuals who spend more time being single have stronger senses of freedom and self-worth.

Contrary to popular belief, they even have stronger social networks and intimacy levels. Surrounding oneself with positive influences and doing activities everyone enjoys can be an alternative to the cliché holiday. That is exactly how television broadcast major Emily Long will be spending her Valentine’s Day.

“I’m going to celebrate being single the best way I know how,” Long said. “I’m going to go wild at the bars.”

Self-love looks different to each individual. That is what is so important about being single, finding out what self-love looks like and actually indulging in it.

Surviving Valentine’s Day without a companion can feel like a daunting task, but it does not have to be.

It can be rewarding, and once it is completed, can make one feel very accomplished. When it comes to self-love, Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle of “Parks and Recreation” say it best: “Treat Yo’ Self.

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