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San Diego couple Adriana Fis and her boyfriend Chris are staying together while in quarantine, and finding ways to still have date nights while  inside

Staying connected during a pandemic has been made easy thanks to modern day technology on our side. Here are some fun ways friends and couples can stay connected and have fun even if we are not physically able to see each other by utilizing technology.

Online games

There are so many ways to have fun with your friends online and online gaming is one of them. “Playing Cards” allows you to play any standard 52 card deck game in real time with your friends. Create your own card game with this website, games such as “Cards Against Humanity,” “Go Fish” and even “Egyptian Ratscrew” can be played. My friends and I even put the card site to the test, and it works perfectly, so try it out with your friends! Here is the link,


Although we can’t physically be in the same room as our friends and loved ones at the moment, that does not mean that they can't be there with us via FaceTime or Zoom. There are so many things people can do on these platforms. Throw a painting party together, cook together, throw an actual party in your room and dance together. The possibilities are endless, get creative with your friends.

Netflix Party

Have a movie night with your pals using Netflix Party. Fighting for the best spot on the couch does not matter anymore. Watch your favorite show or movie together on Netflix Party. It syncs up the movie or show so friends can join and watch together in the comfort of their own bed. It also adds a group chat so friends can communicate during the show. Check out the link here,

Join live workout sessions

Staying fit in quarantine can be fun with your friends. Join an online training session with your friends so you both can be motivated together. Many businesses are offering free livestream workouts. Orangetheory has 30-minute video workouts released every day during this time. The link for that can be found here 305 Fitness is another studio offering free classes, this one being cardio dance classes which are really fun and can be found on YouTube twice a day at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. here,

Date night

If you are in a relationship with someone or just love your friends so much, having a date night online can be fun. Create your dinner together, put a nice table up and light a candle and have a nice dinner with your other person. Catching up and checking in on your friends and loved ones is very important during this time.

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