Staying motivated while being at home can be difficult, but here are some tips to help.

Going home for the weekend always felt like a good getaway from the school life, but due to the recent pandemic causing isolation among us all, school was forced to come home with us. Bringing school home can be a little overwhelming and might have diminished many students' motivation.

If you're one of the lucky ones who is an only child, congrats. Being isolated throughout your childhood prepared the solitary lifestyle for these dooming days of online classes at home. For those who are stuck in quarantine with their obnoxiously loud brother or sister, or your mom nagging you to vacuum the house, you’re in luck with these tips.

With nothing but time on your clean hands, staying organized and motivated in a confined space can be achieved. What better person to offer great advice other than the isolated professionals in space?

“On the space station, my time was scheduled tightly, from the moment I woke up to when I went to sleep,” NASA astronaut Scott Kelly said. “You will find maintaining a plan will help you and your family adjust to a different work and home life environment.”

First tip, establishing a structure to your daily life will ensure time is not wasted on TikTok for countless hours, when online assignments could be accomplished. Students need to get back into the groove of being in a routine.

“I stay motivated by trying to keep up with a consistent routine, I set a daily schedule for myself and get ready for the day to simulate being at school and that really helps me stay motivated,” student Madison Boiserre said.

Utilizing Google Calendar on your computer or phone is a great and convenient way to stay organized throughout the week. Writing out what you would like or need to accomplish throughout the week will ensure deadlines are made; make sure to set up reminders to stay informed on certain tasks.

Next tip: create a workspace where distractions are not interfering with your assignments. Being isolated inside all day can feel draining and drab, try to find a station near a window so you can still get some sunlight exposure.

Studies from Penn Medicine’s Department of Communications show, “Without daily exposure to natural light, health issues can develop, including reduced attention span, depressed mood, and possibly weight gain.” Being near a window will impact your health in a positive way and will keep your internal clock awake and in sync with the environment.

Last tip is put in your headphones and put away your phone so all distractions are diminished. Listening to soothing music always helps me stay focused on my assignments. Listen to songs that have little to no lyrics, so you can still retain information, classical piano music is my go-to when it comes to studying. Spotify has a ton of study playlists, as well as YouTube.

Working from home will be a breeze if the tips above are implemented in your daily quarantined lives.

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