Kid Quill Up and Coming Artist

Recording artist Kid Quill starting recording music in 2014 but has since released a new rap album this year "94.3 the Reel."

A lot of music is heard on the radio; it is a way to constantly hear the new hits and popular artists. However, the radio becomes repetitive after a while. It can seem like the same artists over and over again who just came out with a new hit single.

Lucky enough, now that music platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud are taking off, up-and-coming artists have more space to release music for people to hear.

While there are too many artists to count, a couple have stood out to students, and it seems as though their careers may take off. Skizzy Mars has been on the rise for a couple years now. With his hit songs “Time ft. G-Eazy” and “Comb,” he is becoming a more popular name.

Mars may have never been played on the radio millions of times, he does have over 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. By having a relaxed vibe and a twist on rap, he has become a common name with students.

The benefit of up-and-coming artists is that one artists can lead students to another up-and-coming artist. Freshman nursing major Scarlett Holze was listening to Skizzy Mars one day when she stumbled across Quinn XCII.

Quinn XCII became a name that people recognize in the year 2017, his songs have a happy vibe and have a different style than most other artists.

“There is something so unique about his voice,” Holze said. “He makes rap really chill and calming.”

Quinn XCII released a new album in 2017 and the audience is reacting positively to it. That said, his two most popular songs— “Flare Guns” and “Straightjacket”— so far are from that album.

Freshman business administration major Spencer Kroshinsky is a huge fan of Quinn XCII and she likes that his music is not all over the radio.

“I like how his music always puts me in a good mood,” Kroshinsky said. “I also like how he isn’t overplayed on the radio because he isn’t that popular.”

The radio has a reputation of “ruining” songs. For example, some popular names such as Taylor Swift and Liam Payne can seem repetitive, especially both being pop artists.

While it may seem that up-and-coming artists may never get their shot on the radio, dreams do come true, just like they did for the artist KYLE.

KYLE released his first album in 2013, but it did not get a great deal of attention until 2017 with his hit song “iSpy.” KYLE had the chance to be in the limelight for a little and feel what it is like to “make it” in the music business.

However, nowadays whether a song plays on the radio or not is becoming less and less important. Streaming music is becoming popular, so it becomes fair game for all artists wanting to make a name for themselves.

REBEKAH CARTLIDGE is a Features Reporter reporter for The Vidette. She can be contacted at Follower her on Twitter at @bekahcartlidge

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