One of the top things students want to achieve this semester is to be more fiscally responsible. 

A new semester means new goals for all students. While some students seek to earn better grades, others wish to find new clubs.

No matter the case, most — if not all students — have a specific goal they wish to achieve for this semester. Some ISU students weighed in on what their specific goals are.

Spending less money

This is a difficult goal for most because students need a great deal of resources to survive their college years from school supplies to groceries.

Junior journalism major Madalyn Loiselle said, “I need to land a job because my bad spending habits are catching up to me.”

Part-time jobs are available all over campus, as well as Uptown Normal. Keeping spending records also eliminates bad spending areas.

Achieving better grades

If fall semester grades were not up to standard, there is no need to fret as there is always a shot of redemption with the spring semester.

Senior microbiology major Natalie Burrell said, “I hope to achieve some A’s upon graduation this semester.”

Sophomore psychology major McKayla Scroggins seeks the same as Burrell. Scroggins added, “I hope not to die while taking 19 credit hours and to maintain my 4.0 [GPA].”

Dedication and a planner can help keep any student on track. However, be sure to take a deep breath and relax if classes and grades become overwhelming. One’s mental health should not suffer when it comes to grades.

Exploring Majors

Finding a major can be exciting and exploring its boundaries seem endless.

There are many opportunities waiting to be explored after a major has been declared. Loiselle said she is “really excited to dive more into [her] major.”

That said, many students feel the same as Loiselle because it is a fun sneak peek into what a major’s future holds. Internships, clubs and major-specific Greek life are options for different majors.

Though many students have other goals not pertaining to the categories above, spending less money, achieving better grades and exploring the opportunities a major holds seem to be the top three.

BECKY FLETCHER is a Features Reporter for The Vidette. Contact her at rlflet1@ilstu.edu Followe on Twitter at @becky__fletcher

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