new years resolutions

It's a new year, which means setting resolutions and goals for 2021. Here are some tips and tricks to making and keeping New Year's resolutions.

It's officially the new year, and for many, a fresh start after a difficult year. For those wanting to make some New Year's resolutions, here are some tips not only for making them but keeping up with these goals as well.

Make them broad

Sometimes having a resolution that is too specific can feel daunting. However, looking at goals from a different light can help you achieve them. For example, instead of having a resolution of reading 50 books change it to simply reading more books than last year. This way, the frustration of falling short of a goal is less likely, since a goal that's not a strict number can be less intimidating.

Keep the list short

In years past, have you made a long list of resolutions for the new year, then either forgetting some of them or not being able to accomplish them? This year try to keep the list short. There's also nothing wrong with just having one goal for the new year. Similar to the last tip, having too many resolutions can be daunting and might be too much pressure. Keep the list to a few key things you want to accomplish.

Take baby steps

Realistically you're not going to accomplish every resolution during the first week of January. Take baby steps when tackling resolutions, instead of diving in headfirst. For example, if a resolution is to work out more take small steps each day slowly working out more and more until you get to where you want to be.

See what makes you happy

Look at what makes you happy and see what resolutions could stem from that. For those who enjoy filming, why not try filming snippets throughout the year and compiling them together next New Year's? Or maybe there's a video game you've been trying to beat for a while, one of your resolutions could be to finally tackle that final boss.

Look back at the past year

For those still looking for resolutions, think back to the past year. What were things that you wish you could improve upon or add to your life? Maybe 2020 was particularly tough on your mental health, so a goal could be to focus on self-care and mental wellbeing. Look for little things that you can improve in your life that can help your overall wellbeing.

Don't beat yourself up

It's completely fine and normal to fall behind on New Year's resolutions as the year goes on. It's important to not beat yourself up for falling behind and not to give up. It's always possible to pick up where you left off and it doesn't make the resolution any less accomplished.

Get help from friends

For bigger resolutions, tell friends and family about it. This way they can help by keeping accountability for reaching the goals. It can also be nice to build a support group for when it may be tough to focus on the goal. Others might just have the same resolution as you, so everyone can work together to tackle their resolutions throughout 2021.

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