1. French Vanilla

As one of the world’s most popular flavors, vanilla fits so perfectly with the bold flavor of coffee. French vanilla is a simple yet delectable flavor that adds sweetness to any medium or light roast coffee. It is a popular flavor in coffee shops and can be combined with other flavors, such as caramel or hazelnut to create the perfect latte, macchiato, Frappuccino or even just black coffee that is sure to please the masses. Try Starbucks’ Vanilla Blonde Roast or ask for a pump of vanilla syrup next time you hit up Einstein’s on campus. For those who prefer to make their own, try Gloria Jean’s French Vanilla Supreme K-Cups.

2. Caramel Macchiato

Steamed milk, espresso and caramel; what could be more enticing? This blissful flavor is a favorite of coffee lovers due to its deliciously bold taste of creamy caramel and strong coffee flavor. These flavors are combined perfectly and are the ‘peanut butter and jelly’ of coffee. Try it out at Einstein’s for a creamy treat, or get one in Uptown at Coffee Hound for a stronger, more rustic coffee taste. Both are likely to please your taste buds. For true coffee lovers, ask for an extra shot of espresso for a bolder combination that is to die for. To make caramel flavored coffee at home, try Gevalia Caramel Macchiato K-cups.

3. Pumpkin Spice

’Tis the season to indulge in fall’s favorite flavor: pumpkin spice. Nothing keeps you warm on a cold day like sipping on your delicious pumpkin spice latte. Though this flavor may be considered ‘basic,’ it is a undeniably tasty addition to your morning coffee. This popular flavor is only offered for a limited time at many places, so get a steaming mug while you can. Einstein’s and Starbucks have many versions of the flavor including frozen beverages, lattes and iced coffee. Try the Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-cups to make at home, for a delicious fall treat that will smell and taste amazing.

4. Mocha

Mocha is the perfect drink for people who are new to the coffee world. This beverage is basically hot cocoa with a hint of coffee flavor that is sure to please pre-teens and coffee newbies everywhere. For those who want to try coffee, but are not sure about the strong flavor, this is the perfect starting point. Starbucks has many delicious types of mochas, including Frappuccinos, lattes and seasonal favorites such as peppermint mochas that will have you in the Christmas spirit after one sip. Café Escapes Café Mocha K-cups are a must try for mocha lovers to make within the comfort of their own kitchens.

5. Hazelnut

As underrated as this flavor is, it meshes perfectly with the bold flavor of any roast of coffee and is sure to please consumers. Though hazelnut is not a popular flavor by itself, it has been made a hot beverage staple by coffee shops worldwide. It is delicious enough as a flavorful roast of black coffee, but has also been made wildly popular in delicious lattes and macchiatos. Einstein’s Hazelnut Blend is a must-have for students on campus, or you could try a delicious hazelnut latte at Fusion Brew. Those with cars can try a Starbucks hazelnut macchiato. For Keurig users, try out Eight O’clock Hazelnut K-cups.

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