by Scott Lemerand

The Original Instrument
“Original Instrument”
Kracfive Records

Music can do many things. Music allows an artist to express emotion and feelings from happiness to loneliness and even despair. If done well these same emotions will be stirred in the listener as well.

The Original Instrument proves that while music can do all these things it can also do none of them.

At first listen The Original Instrument sounds like the CD is skipping uncontrollably and the stereo needs to be cleaned. After it is noticed that, no, that is the album playing in its natural state a confused look will come over the listener.

After listening to the Original Instrument the listener will no doubt be confused, wondering how and why what they just heard could be considered music in the first place.

The band, comprised of four members, has created a sound that is uniquely their own, but it is a sound that will have a hard time finding an audience.

The “music” contained on the album is made up of sounds- not instruments of any kind, just sounds. The best way to explain would be to print out the “lyrics” which are so helpfully printed on the inside.

The song “Lum Club” opens with the line, “Dih doe I did doh dihhh.” The song goes on from there with more nonsense and half-former musical structure.

More songs in the same vein follow “Lum Club,” including one made up of the sounds of a man coughing.

The Original Instrument is indeed original but the members forgot to ask one critical question – would anyone care?

The answer is no, the album will not find any kind of mainstream home. The album will, if anything, be listened to only by people who consider themselves to be music elitists and shy away from anything played on the radio or heralded in any mainstream way.

These are the same individuals that listen to odd music for the sole purpose of trying to impress other people by how eclectic their tastes are in a vain attempt to elicit praise for being different and going against the musical grain. If The Original Instrument is the musical underground at its most creative a giant step back has been taken.

What The Original Instrument seems to be trying to say is that manipulating grunts and noises made by humans and animals is the next form of music.

What The Original Instrument actually says is that four individuals were too lazy to sit down and learn how to play an instrument, but wanted musical careers despite a lack of ability.

If this review seems jarring and confusing in an annoying kind of way – and it probably does – then good. That means it read like a track off of The Original Instrument CD.

Grade: F

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  1. slinky

    ha. this review is laughably bad and misinformed. sounds like the reviewer knows absolutely nothing about electronic music.


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