by Davonte Longmire, Vidette Reporter

Every few years, new gaming systems emerge. Improving graphics, enhancing user interface and creating multipurpose systems contribute to which console will be successful or not.

Among the first to debut, Sony has always led the race in the next generation console war, and the same holds true for this year with the release of the PlayStation 4 (PS4).


When the PS4 was created this time around, Sony based their execution of the system on the reaction to what the PS3 did not have. For instance, the PS3 did not feature a voice chat, there were a lot of patch installs and firmware updates and it was a hassle to download because it stopped gameplay.

This time, the PS4 has supercharged PC architecture with x86 CPU, 8 GB of memory, local storage and enhanced PC GPU. In layman’s terms, this means better graphics, more memory and the ability to simultaneously download and play games.

“A cool feature that I thought the PS4 had was the controller,” Joey Marsala, second-year technology major at Heartland Community College, said.

“It has a touch pad that was used in the demo to control camera movements with ease. Also, it has a share button, which allows you to send the last 10 minutes of video to different places online. Live streaming of the video game content, so that you can broadcast your game playing online, does seem that it would be cool for other gamers to watch, but I’m not sure who would be watching the video if everyone is playing the games,” he added.


“The system also has a PS4 Eye, which is two cameras and four
microphones,” Marsala added. “I’m not sure about the purpose of the
cameras yet, but I’m sure it can be used for video chatting, possibly
while playing video games online, taking pictures or to enhance video
game experience like the Xbox Kinect.”

One last interesting feature that Sony promoted is the mobile
aspect. The release of the PS Vita, Sony’s mobile version, allows
portable gaming. There will be many titles released for the PS4 that
will be released on the PS Vita, as well. To add, one can switch between
playing the PS Vita and the PS4, and is able to play the game at home
and then bring it with you while mobile.

“The PS4 does not have backward capability,” Robert Frackiel, Kit Incorporated employee and avid video gamer, said.

Backward capability is the ability to play games from the previous console on the newer console.

 “Many people want to be able to have a console that does it all. The
PS3 was not compatible with PS2 games and the PS4 is not compatible
with PS3 games. This feature is not a deal breaker necessarily, but it
is something to consider,” he added.

Another potential deal breaker is the cost. Although not mentioned
at the PS4 Sony press conference, the past is key in predicting the
future. When the PS3 was rumored to debut, the price was said to easily
be $700. Upon release on Nov. 17, 2006, the most basic version retailed
at $399. Currently, the PS3 retails for $300, Xbox 360 for $250 and Wii
for $150. PlayStation has always been the priciest of the game consoles
and the same will more than likely hold true for the PS4.

Popular titles the game system will have are another key feature.
Among the list is “Drive Club.” “Drive Club” is interesting because the
game is in first person perspective. You actually get into the car, then
place the key in the ignition. The demo looks surprisingly realistic.

Another game on the list is “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.”
According to, “It is 1715. Pirates rule the Caribbean and have
established a lawless pirate republic. Among these outlaws is a fearsome
young captain named Edward Kenway. His exploits earn the respect of
pirate legends like Blackbeard, but draw him into an ancient war that
may destroy everything the pirates have built.”

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been extremely popular among
gamers and will be a factor in deciding. Other titles include “Killzone
Shadow Fall,” “inFAMOUS: Second Son,” “Destiny,” “Watch Dogs” and

The total worldwide sales of the PS3, as of January 2012, have been
more than 66 million. Of course, the PS4 pros and cons will garner
attention as the debut draws closer. Perhaps the best thing to do is to
wait until the console has reached critical mass, when 15-20 percent of
the population has the item, and the price drops.

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