Bomb threat is cause of caution at Schroeder Hall


In lieu of a note containing a bomb threat left in Schroeder Hall Tuesday, ISU and its police force has taken extra precaution throughout the week the ensure the safety of its students.

Two entrances of the building, the entrance on the corner of College Ave. and University St., have police stationed to check bags of anyone entering the building until Friday. These entrances will be the only two open until Friday.

“We are letting students and faculty know that because of the bomb threat, we are taking extra precautions. We do advise to not bring a bag to class. If one needs to bring a bag, please come early so  they are not late for class,” ISU chief of police Aaron Woodruff said.

Even during busier periods, police were able to move students quickly despite the need to check bags.

“There have only been delays of five to ten minutes, which could affect students with bags who come at their normally scheduled time during peak hours,” Woodruff added.

Woodruff and other police officers were vocal and accommodating to instruct those entering to have their bags ready so lines were moved along quickly.

“Honestly, it has not been too bad,” said junior Allison Ubati. “With the threat, I have no problem taking the precaution. Think of the consequences if this was swept under the rug. It has not affected me getting to class on time, really.”

Woodruff said the bomb threat and the note remained under investigation.

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