Laundry, food and clothes: home-bound for Labor Day



California resident and Stanford University Freshman, Annie Peabody, contemplates what she needs to bring home over this Labor Day Weekend. (Photo courtesy of MCT Campus)

For many students on campus, Labor Day is the perfect opportunity to go home for the weekend. This isn’t only a way to celebrate the final event of summer with family and friends, but also return with anything they may have forgotten to pack.

With the limited storage space available for freshmen and sophomores living in the residence halls, Labor Day weekend can be a good way to bring home unnecessary things laying around to make room for more essential items.

“I plan to bring home dirty laundry for my mom to wash and my backpack,” freshman Angela Sorrentino, explained. “I’m coming back to school with more food, decorations for the dorm, movies and more clothes.”

The cost of laundry in the dorms can add up quite fast — therefore, the chance to do laundry for free at home seems to be a selling point for many students debating  whether to go home for Labor Day or not.

Although going home for Labor Day weekend seems inevitable for most freshmen, it can also be an option for the veterans on campus who may have forgotten major belongings.

Ally Palhegyi, junior biology major, said she plans to return to her apartment on Monday with sweatshirts, jeans and yoga pants to prepare for the quickly approaching fall season.

“Going home [for Labor Day] isn’t something I necessarily want to do, but I need to grab everything I forgot,” she added.

The refrigerators and pantries of apartment kitchens are more than likely beginning to clear out, which means grocery shopping will also be on students’ to-do lists.

“The one benefit of going home is all the groceries my parents will buy me,” Palhegyi said.


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    Laundry and clothes? Headline is a bit redundant. And your editors should learn how to properly use commas. What a mess.


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