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Victoria’s Secret PINK is a brand embraced by many, and Illinois State University has been showered in PINK love by being added to the list of campuses around the country involved in a special “sisterhood.”

Illinois State University students were given this chance through winning an opportunity to win Campus Representatives.  Both Paiton Florey, sophomore integrated marketing communications and human resources major, and Jenna Brauer, sophomore public relations major applied, and are now representing the PINK brand on ISU’s campus. “I sent my resume to PINK and was surprised when I was emailed back…I interviewed and later that week found out I had been chosen as one of the two Campus Representatives,” said Florey. “I have always loved the PINK brand and when I found out there was an opportunity to represent them on campus, I knew I had to apply.

Representing a brand so popular comes with responsibility. “I saw the application online and decided to give it a shot…being a Campus Representative means having to be really responsible and eager to plan events in order to keep all the girls on campus involved and excited about PINK on campus,” said Brauer.

If representing such a favorable brand is not enough already, there are also many perks. Both Brauer and Florey spent three days in PINK paradise meeting other Campus Representatives from schools across the country, attending seminars, and scoring sweet PINK freebies.

Many have asked about ISU PINK clothing. “The process for this is long and complicated because PINK has to buy the legal rights to use our mascot and logo. This process can be sped up through involvement on our social media and high attendance at our events,” said Florey.

ISU’s PINK is on Twitter and Instagram at @ilstulovesPINK, as well as on Facebook.


Photo courtesy of Paiton Florey

Photo courtesy of Paiton Florey


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