See Reggie at Miller Park Zoo

Kelley Bowles

As students prepare for the homecoming festivities going on from Wednesday to October 6, Bloomington’s Miller Park Zoo plans to join the fun.

This Sunday, Reggie the Redbird and Miller Park Zoo invite students, staff and anyone interested to Reggie Day at Miller Park Zoo.

The event will be going on from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and the event is free with paid admission. Admission is $5.95 for adults and $3.95 for children. “It is a partnership with ISU homecoming events for people to see the zoo’s bird collection.” Jay Tetzloff, superintendent of Miller Park Zoo, said.

There are several kinds of birds to be seen at the zoo. There are Bald Eagles, Kookaburras and more.

People can feed bungee birds and see chickens, Macaws and several others. There is also an American Rainforest exhibit that you can see during the event.

This will be the third year that Miller Park Zoo opens their exhibit to ISU to join the celebration.

Miller Park Zoo is located in Miller Park and is administered by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Bloomington. Currently, Miller Park Zoo is a modest size, although there are many species of animals in their limited space.

However, the zoo is currently constructing a plan to expand. If given the opportunity to expand, they will be able to create larger exhibits as well as break up the habitats in a more geographical way.

By doing this, people will be  able to visit animals of similar regions within the same area.

Also, by expanding their zoo it would be beneficial to the current animals to give them more room, while also allowing for more animals, especially endangered ones, to be welcomed into the zoo.

Currently it has several unique animals that are hard to find other places. Some of these animals include: red pandas, sun-bear, reindeer, Galápagos tortoise, red wolves, Pallas’ cat and more. The zoo is open to the public every day from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

There are several options for events with the zoo as well, including renting it out for organizations and birthday parties. You can become a member at the zoo and adopt an animal, and participate in other group activities through it as well.

To learn more about Miller Park Zoo visit their website, Facebook page or go check it out for yourself at 1020 S. Morris Avenue. This Sunday head over there, check out the bird exhibit and spend the day with Reggie Redbird to kick off a great homecoming weekend.

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