Water Awareness Ball to educate students

The University Program Board is set to host their first Water Awareness Ball at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 28 in the Brown Ballroom.

The ball is a semi-formal event which will teach students about the global water epidemic. The event serves to both entertain students and give them something to think about.

“The purpose of the event is to give students an opportunity to dress up and dance the night away while learning about an admirable cause,” Maddy Marchini, UPB Enrichment chairperson, said.

The event will feature some UPB favorites such as the photo booth with a variety of props and desserts will be served all night. There will also be dancing, live music by DJ Wonton, giveaways and speakers presenting information about the epidemic.

One of the speakers is Andrew Matthews, ISU professor who does work on efforts with water and spreading awareness. He is also the advisor of the student organization H2O which held the “Water Walk” event last year. He will continue to spread that awareness to others at the upcoming ball.

There will also be representatives from the WaterDrop Shop speaking to students and faculty about their cause and the sandals they sell for it. Their goal is gather enough funds to build clean water wells for a district in Kenya, Africa.

One in eight people do not have access to clean and safe drinking water and young girls under 15 are twice as likely to be responsible for fetching water for the family, explained Marchini.

Other facts about the water epidemic will be presented to help the audience realize the severity of this problem.

Water awareness is a topic that is brought up often among other epidemics but students and faculty will have a chance to learn and do something about it at this event.

“It’s a great night for students to learn about the water epidemic and about how they could help,” Luke Vernam, UPB President, said.

The Water Awareness Ball will give students a reason to dress up for the night and encourage them to support the cause.

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