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Anyone who has ever received a speeding ticket knows that it is one of the worst feelings. Speeding tickets can be incredibly costly, especially when considering how they affect insurance rates. As a result, any attempt to increase the amount of speeding tickets given out yearly would seem like a terrible idea to many. According to the website Statistic Brain, about 41 million people a year receive speeding tickets. That’s about 112,000 people receiving a speeding ticket a day.

Recently, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made increasingly aggressive moves to install more speed cameras in Chicago. Speed cameras are placed at intersections, generally ones with a high amount of accidents, and automatically distribute tickets to anyone who is caught speeding.

For the first 30 days after being installed, these speed cameras only issue warnings to anyone who is speeding. After this period, $35 fines are given to anyone who is caught speeding between six to 10 miles per hour over the limit, and $100 to anyone going 10 miles per hour or more over.

For many, this may seem like bad news. Any time someone is speeding five miles per hour over, they will be immediately fined. However, given the amount of revenue that these speed cameras will bring in, as well as the increase in safety they could provide, this editorial board believes these speed cameras could actually be very beneficial. In fact, perhaps even Bloomington-Normal should consider installing its own speed cameras.

According to the Chicago Tribune, just four of the speed cameras placed would have issued $13.8 million in tickets in just a 45 day period. The cameras will not begin issuing tickets until Oct. 21, but once they do it can be expected that they will be issuing similar amounts. This would be a huge source of revenue, especially considering the current financial situation of Chicago.

The cameras are currently being placed in areas where safety is especially a concern, such as school zones and parks. They are also being placed in areas where there are high amounts of traffic collisions. Obviously these are places with a high need for safe driving. Parents would be much more at ease knowing that more measures were being taken to ensure that safe driving was occurring where their children were active.

Adding speed cameras to Bloomington-Normal is an intriguing idea. Much more revenue could be earned from these speed cameras, improving the community as a result. Traffic accidents would also likely go down, as more people would be deterred from speeding down busy streets. The cameras would be especially useful around Illinois State, where there is a high amount of student traffic.

There really is no reason to be speeding five miles per hour over the limit on a busy street anyway. Everyone knows that when speeding, they run the risk of being pulled over. Speed cameras would increase the risk of getting a ticket, and would hopefully deter people from doing it. Speeding is dangerous, and a slightly faster arrival time isn’t worth putting lives at risk. This editorial board believes that Chicago is moving in the right direction with these speeding cameras, and that Bloomington-Normal should consider doing the same.

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  1. Bob Kastigar

    Using technology to control traffic has other advantages. It free up the police to fight other crimes, crimes against citizens like robbery,l rape, and other violent crimes. It leave police free to monitor the neighborhoods instead of sitting in traffic waiting for violators to pass by.

    Technology can be much more reliable and accurate, and doesn’t require a human judgement.


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